Here goes the third podcast of the 'What's In That Juice?' series! It won't be the last! This podcast are for you to explore, with various sounds - from Electronica to Nu-Soul - Hip hop to whatever. A tastefull choice for everyone with a peek of artist on the upcome & known. As always this a 10 track long podcast,about 24 ear-gasm minutes!

Note:If you wan't to be featured on a podcast in a near future, get at us with a track.

1.Martin Parks - Hello World
2.MelO-X - The Highest
3.Co$$ - Pretty Ugly
4.Amenta - Elevate Prod. flAko
5.Self Says - Nights Like This Prod. Dialectic
6.Katrah Quey - Running Paradise
7.Awdbawl - Say Something prod. Behind
8.Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Sexperience Teaser
9.Crown City Rockers - Soul
10.Real J Wallace - Far, California

Artwork made by: Johanna / Apple Juice Break.

Download 'What's In That Juice?' Podcast #3

With the 2nd installment of the ground zero of beat music coming, Jay Scarlett & Cinnaman drop 2 mixes, previewing much of what will be dropping on Beat Dimensions 2. With a release date of the LP set for fall, one can still go out an grab both EP1 and EP2, which are currently available.

Shouts to : & Moovmnt

Release Note:DJ Day and Miles Bonny teamed up and conjured up the lovely Raphael Saadiq tribute 12″ – “Instant Saadiq” – containing three songs from Raphael’s “Instant Vintage” classic. They got the Day X Miles treatment and Swiss artist Anna-Lina provided some very beautiful artwork..

Shouts to the Moovmnt fam!

DJ Day & Miles Bonny – What’s Life Like

Release Note:This EP is a loose translation of the opening monologue, where a dead man is dug up, due to his corpse being in the way of the state turnpike. Each track is the soul's trip up through the atmospheres of the earth, and eventually into Outer Space, yet at the end, he ends up being somewhere very familiar to him.

1. Kinda Pauly

2. Crystal Planet
3. Behemoth Soul

4. Transformation
5. Motorboat Soul
6. Destination

7. Yluap Adnik

Dr.Ro - 'Crystal Planet'

Download Dr.Ro - 'For Those Who Left The Ground'

Peep Dr.Robutnik's Myspace

KJ, is an creative emcee that reside in Canada ,born & raised in the UK. KJ can be explained as an raw creative - down to earth emcee on soulful-funky-boombap beats. This year he released his Mixtape called 'A Breath of Fresh Heir' & name don't lie, this is fresh. Peep this cat out & download the mixtape for free & stream two of the tunes below in the post for some extra cheese!oh- Album out this September!

Note:Alternative Hip Hop never sounded so good, KJ is what you wish you heard when you were younger and what your glad you heard now. He is "Hip Hop" inviting Rock, R'n'B and Dance Music to dinner and everyone wants seconds. Compared to the likes of Common, Andre 3000 and Mos Def, this young man is fitted for the Hip Hop history books.KJ is a credited recording engineer and mix engineer, the best sound is always first priority. Self production inspired by Danger Mouse (Gnarles Barkley), Kanye West and many more has made this sound so diverse but yet still current. Raised in England and relocating to Canada at 11 now 21 "A Breath of Fresh Heir" is what music needs and is what you will get.

KJ - Check Up ( right click to download )

KJ - iLL be here ( right click to download )

Download KJ - 'A Breath of Fresh Heir'

Release note:Yes! The sampler is finally here, this is just a little treat were giving you guys to hold you until we release “The Show” this fall.5 joints,mixedbyourvery own DJ Candlestick,ENJOY!

Download: Niceguys x THE PRE SHOW Sampler

Release Note: “Chile - Berlin - London. Cosmopolitan to the bones, fLako treats us with a selection of his own works packed with exclusives and yet unknown material. Grand Finale for the BBQ mixes, See you on Saturday!!”

Time for another summer mix yesterday we had Dr.West very raw mix. Today i'ts time for Bongholio Iglesias with the mix called 'Easy Like Sunday Night ' with fresh line-ups such as Bahamadia, The Are, De la Soul, C.L. Smooth, 9th wonder, Miles Bonny, LPStyle & more. Peep it out! Tracklist found in comments!

Release Info:
São Paulo 38°C, Marseille 32°, even Helsinki 29°. International jet-setting superape
Bongholio Iglesias knows how to cope with the summer heat: move slow, stay in the shade and start partying only after sundown. Until then, relax and turn up his latest mix. One hour of supersmooth grooves to cool down to. And remember to always keep an ice cold Becks within reach – it’s important to stay hydrated!

Bongholio Iglesias – 'Easy Like Sunday Night ' Mix

Download Bongholio Iglesias – 'Easy Like Sunday Night ' Mix Right click to download

Quest is an Emcee from Miami, Florida. This cat has lately caught alot of attention, previously dropped 'Where Is My Rhymebook' & 'Distant Travels Into Soul Theory' which are two very dope records, that has been played on repeat. Yesterday well this night, Quest dropped 'Broken Headphones' which is a really dope record, one of his best I must say. With no further ado go & get it now.

Release Note:
After a slight delay, QuESt’s grand opus that is Broken Headphones is finally here! Presented by dopeRoots and HHDX. Q holds it down on his own for the most part; with a short list of features including Outasight, Choze, Neija Jane, Harley, XV & Wes Restless.

Quest -'A Little More Time'

Download Quest - 'Broken Headphones'

Originally this was only supposed to be a couple of songs. When I say a couple, I mean like, two. I’ve been calling back and forth talking with Grip H all day, as some more of our old stuff may (or may not) be hitting the Kevin Nottingham site soon. I will let time tell that story. What I present to you right now though, is the latest effort from Grip H and me as The Perfect Median, the group from which most of my body of work comes to date.

The way this record is put together is as follows:
Side A is two older tracks that we recorded many moons ago. Not too many moons, though, cause I haven’t been making beats that long.
Side B is new tracks that we’ve recently penned and recorded. All of the beats were handled in house with the exception of the last track which was a 9th Wonder beat. Big ups to 9th Wonder (for not letting us officially use this beat, haha). So here is some more music for the $free.99

Note: Perfect Median Previously featured here

Download The Perfect Median x The “This Morning” EP

Another day another Summer mix & today by Dr.Kwest! The mix starts of with a classic soundclip from the Spike Lee joint 'Do The Right Thing', one of my favorite movies. After that it hits of with artist such as, Kamäu, Afta 1, Mono/Poly, Däm Funk, Dibiase, Kissey Asplund, Ragen Fykes & lots of more dope artists. Check the tracklist below.

Kamäu – Dear Summer
Afta 1 – Tiden Flyer Remix
Hi-Res – Purepre Intrumental
Mono/Poly- Oil Fields
Black Spade – Nigga Ray Leonard
Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No
Mos Def Feat Georgia Ann Muldrow – Roses
Däm Funk – Toeachizown
Billion Dollar Quintet – Second Level
Dibiase – May The Force
Kamäu – After The Show
Kissey Asplund – Creep ( Radiohead Cover)
Dwilt Sharp Feat Lorett Fleur – I Need You Close
Ragen Fykes – In Love
IIsIjII Feat Kissey Asplund – Travel
Dibiase – Arcade Fashion
Floating Pöints – Shangrilla
Lorett Fleur – P.O.A.
Hawthorn Headhunter – Shinning Star
Däm Funk – Indigo
Elaquent – A Journey To Marseille
Kamäu – Aprilfools

Dr.Kwest Summer Mix Right click to download / Press Play to stream.

Sareem Poems, 'Black & Read All Over' is now available! Buy it now available on Itunes & Uggh!

Sareem Poems brings the luminous side of life to light. Inhale the moment, and enjoy the revolution that has nothing to do with guns." - produced by Theory Hazit & Oddisee / featuring LMNO, Pigeon John, Akil (Jurassic 5), Scarub (Living Legends) Ragen Fykes & Georgia Anne Muldrow

02.Come Get It Featuring: Theory Hazit
03.Hard Labor / Featuring: LMNO & Scarub
04.Tell It prod. Oddisee
05.See It / Featuring: Georgia Anne Muldrow
06.Lower The Boom / Featuring: Pigeon John & Akil of J5
07.Go Ahead
08.Shake It Up
09.Impossible / Featuring: Stro of the Procussions & Othello of Light Headed
10.Windows To The Soul / Featuring: Ragen Fykes
11.Unless You Do
12.She So So prod. Oddisee
13.More Then Seen / Featuring: Ohmega Watts & Propaganda
14.See What Happens
remixes by Oddisee, Fabio Musta, Nick Tha 1Da

Let's get ready for Quite Nyce upcoming also free mixtape, Hello, My Name is Quite Nyce, release date is August 18th! Do not forget about Quite Nyce LP called 'Through My Eyes' which drops August 25th ! Mmm!

Quite Nyce-This Is My Life

Quite Nyce- Jazzolution

Shouts to CrateScienzMusic!

The Werd is back with a brand new track, you might remember him from the video 'Got My Druks On' previously featured here on Apple Juice Break. Today Werd sent me this track a beta version new mix to come soon. This is about California. Can you digg it?

The Werd - Cali Mixdown
right click to download

Know:Juander the much talented emcee/beatmaker that just recently released his 'A Kid Love Beta' which is one of the best drops this year so far ( peep it here) . Let's digg abit deeper & check out this earlier work from Know:Juander record he chosed to call Wet Shoe String's, which is a 7 track long beat tape made by know:juander. A very laid back record with smooth vibes & a little tribute track for Dilla.

Download: Know:Juander -Wet Shoe Strings

Release note of TrueRadio;
This mix is long over due. There were so many tech issues and delays with this one (mostly my fault), but it's here. Korean beats running things. It's an !NVASiON... !NSiDE Records has blessed us with a 40min mix of what is to come of the label late 09, early 2010. Simo, Flyherro, Mood Schula, Guilty collab track???? I have said to much... Ill art design by Kay Shin. Y'all been warned. Stay updated,

!NSiDE x tRUEradio [!NSiDE !NVASiON] Right click to download.

In this weeks episode, BeatStreetS runs into Theophilus London, DJ A-Trak, and Treasure Fingers. Find out who Theophilus London would sign to his record label if he had one, and what the term “Duck Sauce” means, with live footage from the show at The Independent in San Francisco. You can only find this here on The Guest List Show.

A little mix from the producer Fella Vaughn, one of my favorites right now from Germany. Even though the summer seem to have disappeard up north in europe this gives me some hope for some more beach times & bbq's, Peep out this mix with stuff from Mf doom to Dudley Perkins to oldish soulish!!

Download Summer Mix 09

Artwork: Apple Juice Break

Time for more Beat BBQ from the Melting Pot Music crew, get with Hulkhodn & Hubert Davis this very special time, for some more crispy music. Last time Beat BBQ's - Twit one & Croup here.

Noir the New Orleans based Vocalist/ Emcee. You might remember him from the flAko collaboration 'Pearls' which is a very laid back record in high class! Noir make the vibes come alive as he get on the mic, the beats that plays through out his songs has that laidback feeling that you can't nothing but just love. In this Apple Juice Break feature I added two songs, 'Dreams' & 'Invisible Men'. Two songs that describe the style of noir and the creativty behind this great artist.

Go and download the free flAko x Noir - Pearls collaboration which features 6 tracks.

Give Noir a visit at Myspace.

Noir - Dreams

Noir - Invisible Men

Artwork: Apple Juice Break.

It's here now people, Kev Brown with the record 'Random Joints' available for purshace at itunes! Go & get your copy today! Also check out the tracklist!

  1. Listen…
  2. The Random Joint
  3. No Time (feat Bilal Salaam)
  4. The Versatility Joint (D.J. Rbi on the Cuts)
  5. The Alternative Rock Joint
  6. The Marvelous Joint (feat Yu and D.J. Marshall Law on the Cuts)
  7. The Hennessy Joint (feat Kenn Starr, Wayna, Raheem Devaughn, Eric Roberson and Dre King On the Keys)
  8. From My Porch (feat. Sean Born)
  9. Lord Help Me (feat Eye-q, Cy Young, Zo! on the Piano and Dre King on the Wurlitzer

Note from JR & PH7;
Official video for our first single off The Standard album. Co-produced by DJ Adlib. Shout out to Malte and Maik and everybody else who made this happen!

Mixed by Da Blenda & Hosted by Those Chosen here you have; Chess Moves Vol.1 :Strategy Music Mixtape, just released & for you to enjoy! The mixtape has a line-up with artist such as Versis, Dibiase, Those Chosen, O-Phrap, Convinced, Oddisse & many more. Peep it out!

Download; Chess Moves Vol.1 :Strategy Music Mixtape

Those Chosen - Once Again Prod. Dibiase

J-Nolan with a track produced by Nefarious! Peep out the tune called 'For Your Love' from the upcomin albul 'The Soul Dojo'! Don't sleep on this cat, song is dope. Shouts to Nefarious for the heads up!

Release note from Nefarious;
Here’s a new track I produced featuring Atlanta emcee J.Nolan. It’s the first track leak for my next album called The Soul Dojo. That album will basically be me on the beats with an ill roster of emcees on rhymes. No release date yet so don’t sleep! You can check J.Nolan’s music out on his MySpace page and follow him on Twitter via @J_Nolan.

J.Nolan – For Your Love (Prod. Nefarious!)

First day of the week means time for another mix of MondayJazz! This time in the cosmic soulish/Jazzy/psychedelic soul paths! Check comments for tracklist! For last week's mix by The Fatlips & C1GART press here.

Release Note by MondayJazz;This week with the help of Mondayjazz mix No. 99 we suggest you to dig into dusty record crates. Author of it Dj Blueprint - Luxembourgian dj, producer and music collector spends lots of his time and money for the search of 60's - 70's records. So in the mix Now Just Listen he also puts some of his 45 rpm trumps.
There is some cosmic jazz, traditional and psychedelic soul, a couple of well known tunes and lots of good old music in general. There is also some slightly newer, but only in the sense that it should be called not retro, but oldschool.
Thus, a fine compilation for cosy Monday's sitting when instead of fire place wood crunches vinyl and room is watched by the third Jimi Hendrix's eye hidden under the sweaty bandana.


Now Just Listen Mixed by DJ Blueprint!(Right click to download)

Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Sexperience 12" will be released, 05/08/2009. Don't sleep ! Peep this amazing preview of Trilingual Dance Sexperience/Tropical Hands Teaser & also the sweet remix of the Dilla track, Game Over..

Release info:Dorian Concept does it again with his second release on Affine! After his 12” debut
“Maximized Minimalization” and the highly rated LP “When Planets Explode” on Kindred Spirits the austrian soundwizard again hits the streets with two ultimate Bangers.

It feels like DC microwaved his MicroKorg to create “Trilingual Dance Sexperience”, a track that reminds of an endlessly monumental pitchbend orgy without any barrier of language. A tune that gets people to go bonkers once the chords hit in, characterized by its pleasing silliness with the accurate rave attitude.

No surprise it already got rinsed by Mark Pritchard, Kode9, Martyn and Hudson Mohawke and heard on Gilles Peterson’s WorldWide and Mary-Anne-Hobbs’s Experimental. Also Side B with its “Tropical Hands” follows the same recipe of face melting floor music while keeping that Detroit flavour.

Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Sexperience Teaser

Dorian Concept - Game Over (Remix)

Here is the preview for Pac Div + DJ Khalil video 'DOOM'.. Peep it out. Re-notice ,If you haven't copped the latest Pac Div - 'Church Leauge Champions' press here for a free download.

Just some day ago Full Crate,Mar & Versis dropped 'Flirtwitu'. If you don't know, Full Crate is a mad talented producer from Amsterdam. I know there is alot of you out there that can't wait for more Crateness from Full Crate, so a good news is I just got word from Full Crate that new stuff will drop within 1 ½ week! Stay thirsty and Daily here for more music!

Nintendo Vs. Sega EP is a sweet mix of memories & Rac's/Andre is hard on the beats. Enjoy this electronic journey through the classic games of Nintendo & Sega! The artwork is made by the talented illustrator Akutou! Check out more of hes work here.

Like most people our age, we grew up playing videogames. The countless hours glued to the TV playing our favorite games inspired us to put together a short tribute to these fantastic devices. Which ever side you were on, nobody can deny the amazing games offered on both platforms. There is incredible value in what these composers did with the limited hardware and this is our way of showing appreciation.

We updated their sounds a little bit and in a way, prove that good songs transcend genres.

Thanks Nintendo and Sega for the great memories.


01 – Super Mario Bros (RAC Mix)

02 – Sonic: Labyrinth Zone 5 (RAC Maury Mix)

03 – A Link To The Past (RAC Mix)

04 – Sonic: Spring Yard Zone (RAC Maury Mix)



Zion I's latest video "Coastin'" off of their LP, The Take Over.Very dope stuff & one fresh video!

Its finally here! The song that has got a whole lot of ears up, you might remember the video promo for this song/ if not check it out here. Just a week ago they finished the last editing & now its finally here for us to hear. The Cover art for 'flirwitu' is insane, made by Brian Elstak! Mar is one brilliant soul singer, Full Crate an insane beatmaker & Versis a dope emcee, so with no further ado get the track! This goes straight to the ipod. Also a big shout to Moovmnt for gettin this out!

Download the track. (save link as)

Full Crate & Mar 'Flirtwitu' Ft. Versis

Today, July 23rd is the birthday of someone really special, 'Kissey Asplund'. Due to the day she decided to give us some stuff that she has made! This project is called '19' and consist of two re-recorded versions of the songs, “Jazzcool” and “MyWay”. These two song's did she orginally wrote when she was 19! -There for the name '19' - It never stop's to amaze me how talented this lady is.

Kissey Asplund - '19'



Happy Birthday!

The Land Of Kings ,Its Finally here! Yumm! Dopest video in a while!
On await for U-N-I's Official album, Can't wait!

Some really raw hip-hop from sweden, Check out Jaeger - Futuretro EP @ iTunes

Info Swinginhut/

Jaeger (Jesper Jäger) is the name of Swingin Huts first signed artist.
He has been rapping for over 10 years in both English and Swedish.
In 2004 he released a demo called "My room" In the name Dramatical, he also featured on all demos and singles from his group "industrin".
In the last few years he has developed his style of rap and has taken big steps in his writing and recording. He has performed on several big stages in his hometown Stockholm such as "Mosebacke", "F12" and "Sthlms Stadion" and in 2008 he became "Artist of the week" on Swedish radios music site
At the moment he is writing and recording tracks for his debut 12" EP due to be released in the beginning of 2009.
Be sure to check out all of his free single releases here on
Listen to Jaeger:

- Jaeger - Blossom (download - rightclick / save as)
- Jaeger - The Vibe (download - rightclick / save as)
Jaeger - Blossom ft. Leon

Jaeger - The Vibe

The vi
deo for Cassettes Won't Listen's "Hmmm". Stay tuned for the continuation video for the track "Take Off". Both available from CWL's new album, Into The Hillsid, Check it out here!

Previously featured here!

Real J. Wallace the local Emcee from San Diego gives us some previews from the upcomin 'The Laundry Room' LP which drops Sep 19th. The peek of the 3 full tracks, one features the good friend Bam Circa 86'. Don't Sleep On This!

Higher Learning Ft. Bam Circa 86'

Peace Pro. Blu

Far, California

Word from Nielz;Dutch singer and keyboardist Ugene has been making quite some noise over here in the Netherlands. Nic and Ugene recorded this cover version of the Quincy Jones produced Donna Summer track “Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)” in April of 2005. It was originally intended for a compilation album on an indie label, but they didn’t use it and so the track ended up on the shelf.

Ugene is another artist that deserves any and all attention. He’s currently working on a new project with a formation that actually includes two other friends of mine from Europe, Krewcial (the live guy with glasses) and Gus. Click here for one of their recent videos.

Nicolay & Ugene – Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)

Shouts to the friend's at !

Word from Illroots;
Today marks the date when we give that project a full facelift. Some tracks have been redone, some have been scrapped. We’ve added a few and remastered the entire project for your listening pleasure.
Features from Harlem’s Cash, Truck North, El Prez, Chip Tha Ripper, J.Rocwell, TreaZon and The Kid Daytona.
Shouts to Cookie Kalkair and PDA for the stunning visuals.
Enjoy, leave your thoughts, show your friends. We really appreciate any and all support, this is only the beginning!

Download here

Nero's Myspace

Amenta make her music in her own way and her way is amazing. Amenta is a trurly talented singer, breath-takin with a soft voice from Canada.

With influences such as; Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke, Nina Simone, Lewis Taylor, Al Green & many more might give you peek of what this woman is all about. I think Amenta is unsigned but this lady will become big, in fact right now she is working with the talented producer fL∆ko. Here you have the song that goes by the name 'Elevate' pro by fL∆ko for an exlusive preview!

Stay tuned for more of Amenta!

Amenta - Elevate Prod. fL∆ko

Artwork; AppleJuiceBreak

Like told from the guys at Melting Pot Music; "We will treat you with more special BBQ-Mixes in the following weeks". Previously we had Suff Daddy & Tobrock.Here are two new mixes, this time from Twit One (with a reagge flava ) & Croup (with Smooth Vibes ) both available for download here:

Twit One - Twentymintrip

Croup - Grillmatic


4Shades has just recently put out a beat cd/compilation called 'Ubiquity'. The 4Shades are a production crew of M.anifest (whom is an emcee/songwriter), O-D, G Mo and Katrah-Quey.They have all produced beats for various local and national emcees and this release shows their remixing, songwriting, production and even live jam session skills. "Ubiquity" can be downloaded here:


4shades at sharebee

4SHADES & Toki Wright - Mine Ft Kai Swivel Pro. Katrah-Quey

This is one funny creative thing. Have you ever seen a emcee makin samples using the guitar from Guitar Hero? Watch, P.SO & DJ Sosa as they show how to do it, well they don't give you all the secrets!

Word from P.CASSO
"P.SO the Earth Tone King (Formerly P.CASSO) makes a breakthrough in the world of Hip-Hop sampling! P.SO and fellow DJ SOSA NYC figured out a way to use the XBOX 360 Guitar Hero (c) Video Game controller to trigger Hip-Hop samples! Check it out as Sosa and P.SO chop up tracks like Michael Jackson's Beat It and Grindin by the Clipse! This is definitely next level!"

On the lookout for the upcomin volume of Hi-Hat Club- VOL.2 'Suff Draft', Coming 09/2009!

Welcome to the house of Suff Daddy. Drunken boom-bap madness with a 09 state of mind. Dope beats, sick samples and twisted Mini-Korg licks, fuelled with weed and Pilsetten. This is not your average Prenzelberg producer. Suff Deezy is on his own shit. He has laced beats for Miles Bonny, Oddisse, Kissey Asplund and Flomega but the beat daddy is really at home with his solo joints.

Nerd info: On the album cover Suff Daddy is playing Virtual Boy, a 3-D Nintendo console from 1995 that was only released in Japan and USA.

Suff Daddy follows up Testculo Y Uno (Hulk Hodn & Twit One). Their volume was an instant sucess within the worldwide beathead scene. Vol.3 is already in the pipeline and will introduce two of Amsterdam’s most promising new producers: Full Crate & FS Green.

Get familiar with Lambent the urban-instrumalist' based in Germany, he's upcomin album release date is set to 18th of September & here is bueno snippet of what to come! Do not sleep on this.

Release note from Projectmooncirle;“Smoothness Extract (Deep Night At Ishigaki)” is Lambent’s third full-length album, and his first on the Project Mooncircle label. Whilst his earlier work was rooted in Ambient and Electronic music, this record presents his sound in the context of Instrumental Hip Hop, with strong elements of Electronic music still present. You could group this record with the recent wave of Dilla inspired Hip Hop, but equally you could group it with Autechre when they’re at 90 BPM.
The record came about after Project Mooncircle heard some of Lambent’s tracks and feel in love with the calmer and smoother pieces of his often intense sound. Hence, Lambent compiled these seventeen extracts from the smoother side of his repertoire.
This album is made as his dedication towards a small Japanese island, “The Isle of Ishigaki”. Lambent is originally from Japan (although he has lived in Berlin for many years), but he has never visited this place… The album is the sound track to a summer time night trip around the Island, visiting the many different aspects of the scenery, nature, feelings, emotions, sights and sounds as Lambent imagines them.


Snippet of the upcoming Lambent album!

Download the snippet!

Release Note From Ill Vibes
WORLD! Here we are back for another one. This year has been one of the fastest years of my life. It has already been a full year since lllVIBES was launched. As you've all been following the work that I put out month after month, I have finally came to conclusion that I will take things to another level in the upcoming year. At this moment, I decided to feature my first guest: 96, who hails from Lille,France. He is a beast when it comes to his creative art work. His style of art is very creative; bringing many new aspects to the art culture. As if his art talent isn't enough, this guy has one hell of an ear for music. I'll let you be the judge. I hope you enjoy the sounds of the world.

Play 'And Death Shall Have No Dominion' - Mixed By 96!

Download the mix here!


Detroits SelfSays jumps on a track produced by Diaclectic, production is insane. Chilled out vibe on the beat vs. SelfSays flow makes this song just perfect. Wan't more SelfSays ? Press, I Heart Lung for a download & also check the previous feature with the record 'Something Out Of Nothing' for a free digital download! Stay tuned for more SelfSays & give a visit.

SelfSays - 'Nights Like This' Pro. Diaclectic

The much talented Muhsinah - Be ready for her new release NOW! - Oh & Happy Birthday Mushina!

With the release of The Oscillations: Square as an Artist Direct {Digital Exclusive}, avant mod indie label, Rxlngr has taken some unprecidented steps in releasing the compiled works from 2003-2008 of it 1st and arguably most promising artist, Muhsinah.

The new installment comes amidst the overwhelming anticipation of the 3rd installment, The Oscillations: Triangle (which is still being recorded).

In a nutshell... July 20th is Muhsinah's birthday and The Oscillations: Square is in a sense, The Golden Girl's 13 track gift to the fans.

Available for purshace here!

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