We have been providing you music here since May 09', and it's all beacuse of the love of you readers of AJB we keep doing this and also cause we just like you are lovers of music. But as we are growing we feel like it's time to take another step further.

We are no longer Applejbreak.blogspot.com

The new site (BUT ALL THE SAME/OR EVEN BETTER) is now


We have a great Album coming up with Pronounced Love and it's amazing how great and creative this project is, can't wait for you to hear it. Thank you for following us daily or even checkin in on us once in awhile.


Last but not least!

Big shout out to all of our readers and all the artist and people in the industry that been showing us love.

If your not that familiar with Kris Mars,You might remember Kris Mars from Tokyo Dawns Record's 'The Heart' album. Now the recent red bull Academy participant, TA-KU in a collaboration with Kris Mars give you the EP called 'The Lonely Stranger'... A kinda heartbreaken story, or tough love and just love. Music is fresh and it's free so and grab it on their bandcamp and enjoy some good music.

I Love You

Love Tonight feat. D'anna Stewart

Mr. Dibia$e just hit us up with a tune from his upcoming beat-tape "Sound Palace", a beat that is very bumpable, the mellow sound, is the kind that makes your mind float away & at the same time groovable. Let's just say it's a dope it beat. And the beginning with the classic Radio Raheem sampled in from 'Do The Right Thing' it's just epic. Cudos to Dibia$e for another killer beat. So look for the upcoming Dibia$e beat tape. To purchase the album you have to email to: info@mrdibiase.com and pay $10 (free shipping within US).

And also stay updated for some illness that's about to appear on AJB.....shh.....

DIBIA$E - 'Strangeland'

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