New video from one of my favorite emcee's Raashan Ahmad for the song "Oakland" off Raashan Ahmad's "Soul Power" release. Produced by Kat O1O directed and shot by John Coyne. get the song and album HERE

Some stuff from the talented producer Freddie Joachim, something different this time as he picks up the guitar for some chilled out tones, what better to do on a wet and rainy day?

Freddie Joachim - Gray Right click to download

Note: AYO! Airhorn Blog love beats! Oomkah & Kookolock made mash-up mix podcast. November would be impossible without these tracks. 15 perfect constructions, 15 independent satellites in wonky space, that every cosmonaut in headphones can see with naked eye.

Annu - Why
Robot Koch - Away From
Misel Quitno - Pull It Out Somewhen (Dimlite’s the Helmut Grokenberger of this Remix)
Devonwho - Zelda
Democracy and Hot Dogs - Starhaven
Nastynasty - The Reef (Slugabed Remix)
Ras G - Disco 4000
Untold - Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix)
Hyetal - Gold or Soul
Blue Daisy - 9 Pad
Zomby - Aquarium
Darkstar - Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer
Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)
James Blake - Sparing The Horse

Download it here

A real dope video of Comfort Fit - Bit by Bit From his LP Polyshufflez, now lets comfortable, maybe not too? Might end up messy!

A dope video, and amazing editing just press play & enjoy!

Another AJB xlusive for our readers ears all the way from Dominique Republic we present the upcoming EP from the duo Botanico based on the members Cohoba & Denim. Previously we feautered Cohoba who also is in RMBA 2010, congrats! The EP called 'Ergonomía' is a 5 track long of experimentall electro sounds with a blend of dusty bass movements. The EP will be released quite soon so keep ur eyes opend for it at Stereoptico. Play the track to get a taste of what to come from this fresh duo!

Botanico - Ergonomia

Botanico - Verde Claro

LuckyMe are very proud to present “Lucky 9teen” the new release from the innovative young producer Mike Slott.

Representing the largest collection of his solo music released to date, this ”Lucky 9teen” micro album showcases several different sides to Mike Slott from the serene atmospherics of 'The Now' to the breezy synth-pop of Gardening as well as his signature bass-heavy-slumper '40 winx'.

Over the last few years Mike has cemented his reputation at the forefront of futurist hip hop production. With a style that is hard to pin down - encompassing a myriad of influences from free jazz to 80s boogie via golden age hip hop. His previous work alongside Hudson Mohawke as Heralds of Change set the benchmark for the new-school of dynamic beatmakers. Since then he has released 2 solo 7”s on All City, a split 7” with Dabrye, appeared on Beat Dimensions 2, Mary Anne Hobbs 'Wild Angels' compilation and provided high profile remixes for Warp and Citinite.

Originally from Dublin, via Glasgow, now based in Harlem NYC Mike has many places to draw upon. The son of the late-Jazz legend Mike Nolan and brother to the modern classical composer Luke Slott, Mike effortlessly embodies his influences on this release.

Listen to the Mike Slott - 40 Winx below.

Just got this tune from Nefarious, some sweet laid back electronic bass sounds.
Nef says:Starting to get out of my comfort zone and into some other shit. produced by Nefarious!

Download it here

Lets get to know; Juno Complex from Dallas. He born in late 80's. Juno spend many time making music, he has good ear for good sound. Juno teach Juno everything Juno know. He no like community college. Juno like old stuffs from 70s. He like psychedelics alot. Juno love to skate in streets. Juno do skating for fun. But if you like skating you can sponsor. Juno love old synths and cheap keyboards. Juno straight going hard in Oak Cliff, Dallas. Juno considered an asshole by other people. Juno bad habit leaving everything last second. Juno like his Miller High Life too much cold. He smoke only Djarum Blacks and grade A herbal trees. Juno is beast on Street Fighter (any on SNES, MVC2, CVS2 and much others), he will son you. Juno also always love vintage games blip blip blip! Juno like to dig for gold in cheap crates. Juno have old beats for sale, send Juno message for those beats. Juno need money. Juno need bio for people know him. Juno write it himself.

Juno Complex - Come Back Comet

Download Juno Complex - My Hoverboard EP

This is our favorite song of the The INS x Miles Bonny project, Breakfast ft. Fleur Earth! This is just beautiful!

From the J.BIRLY 12" out on MPM (Nov 27). Produced by Twit One and Testiculo Y Uno. Video by Twit one.

Charizma & PBW are classic Stonesthrow just dropped this dope interview from 92' with charizma and peanut butter wolf. Gotta love Charizma being well Charizma. Yeah you guys must had figured out this site is named after a charizma joint, yes u guessed it ' Apple Juice Break '. Peep out the 'Raquel' and buy it here .

Stonesthrow note:
This 3-song 7-inch joint venture between Swamper Records and Radish Records was done without the permission of Peanut Butter Wolf or Stones Throw Records. Chances are they pressed them up right from the Straight To Tape CD that was released last month. As part of the out-of-court settlement, Stones Throw received all 60 remaining copies of this. Or maybe it was 600. Who remembers or cares? Included are snippets of the songs so we won't have to describe them. If you like it, buy it. If you thought you liked it and after buying it, wanna return it because you don't like hiss, happy luck. If you don't like Charizma's freestyle on the B-side, you're shit outta luck. If you don't like Peanut Butter Wolf's beats from the early 90's, neither does he. At $5 for 3 songs, it's almost competing with itunes 99 cent per song new industry standard. Almost.

Also from the PB Wolf cassette vaults, here is an interview with Charizma & PB Wolf on the Stanford University radio station KZSU in 1992. The interview is a free download, and tape hiss included at no extra charge.

Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - KZSU Interview, 1992 (MP3)

Via Okayplayer: Sadly Danny!'s long awaited album, Where Is Danny?, leaked on a few sites over this past weekend. Because of this, D. Swain's camp decided to release the project for free download. However, all is not lost. Danny! is going to go back and revamp the album with some additional tracks. The newer version of Where Is Danny? will be going out to retail in a week or so via Def Jux.

Download Danny! - Where Is Danny?

Ec|Dc the producer and the music enthusiast, we previously featured him here and like lots of our readers we love ed|dc so we decided to feature this awsome tune with Jahmed on the track called 'We Are' - So for everyone waiting on the new record, here is a pre-apitite.

EC|DC - We Are ft. Jahmed

Time to present music that shall not be slept on, excellent fresh music - how about rap mixed with some sick futuristic experimental beats? And just some ill vibes to dig into? Indigo Pyramid is a journey through mystical awsome sounds, the group consits of the talented cats, Infinite Potentials, 0, Elan, Shlomo, Nigel One, Billion $ Quartet. One of AJB favorites right now. Featured the songs, Levitation & Moon Joy.

Indigo Pyramid - Levitation

Indigo Pyramid - Moon Joy

'The only one' with Miles bonny & Reggie B of their upcomin record on INnatesounds records, a real chilled out vibe with nice vocals, love this production.

Download the tune here

The Only One by reggieb18

Electronica along with heavy beats and bass with a raw blend into it and at the same time it has it's soulful moments with a dilla-remake and also the common sampled 'The Light' in faster up-tempo version. The mix also features DR+ flying lotus remix such as the Afta-1 remake joint previously featured here on AJB. DR+ says: This is a mix of music I've made to be featured on some upcoming projects and a few singles I have been working on.

mixed by Barbaric Merits

Go ahead and download this dope collection now.

Brooklyn's own Theophilus London is a pioneer in today's electro-fueled urban pop movement. His self-released mixtapes JAM! and This Charming Mixtape had blogs ablaze last year as he expertly rhymed on everything from Kraftwerk, Amadou & Mariam and a classic Whitney Houston torch song to his own unexpectedly clubby jams. Recently London has toured the US and UK with A-Trak and Jack Peñate and turned heads at Rolling Stone, NME, The FADER and The New York Times. It's on now: Theophilus London’s debut single “Humdrum Town” is now available on Green Label Sound.

Theophilus London "Humdrum Town"
(Right click to download)

A little newness for you from Buff1, Shawn Jackson, Diz Gibran & Cook Classics !A real fresh laid back beat with the nice blend of these talented cats! This song was originally recorded by Shawn Jackson for The New Classics Mixtape, but wasn't used. In a recent session, we decided to revive the track with new verses from Buff1 x Diz and release it. The song will be featured on the new Buff1 project, 'It's a 1derful Life' as well as Shawn Jackson's mixtape coming soon.

Buff1, Diz, Shawn Jackson prod. Cook Classics - The Best are Full of Love ( Right click to download)

AJB brings you this new join from the Detroit based rapper SelfSays. Self always continues to impress us with his fresh flow that he delivers in each track, this is just another proof of what talent this cat holds. Peep it out play the track download it, just love, another Mmm... classic, production by Quelle!

One of our favorite tracks of Shafiq Husayn album 'En A-Free-Ka' , Lil Girl Ft. the swedish lady Fatima. Here are a teaser of the upcoming video of the song, just love this visual! Directed by Greg Ponstingl.

AJB present you this very exlusive track, with Elucid in a production by Inko called 'Run Away', the Brooklyn based rapper Elucid is one of our favorites and with Inko also being one of our favorite , this track just comes out raw. It's an awsome collaboration, more news is that right now Inko and Elucid are working on a EP and this is taste of what to come in the future so look out for it here on AJB. For people wanna get more Inko really soon look out for his upcomin EP 'Soul less machine' out at stereoptico very soon!

Elucid - Run Away Pro. Inko

A new video video from Pac Div's 'Church League Champions' mixtape, If you haven't copped it yet - download @

Melo-X always bring the dopest mixes to the table, here is a re-make of Jesse Boykins III ' Amourus' of his record the beuty created available at itunes! We def feel this one!

AJB wanna give a little heads up on this freshly jazzy hip hop vibes we are talking about the new album by Pat D & Lady Paradox entitled ‘Soulscapes & Jazz Breaks’ which will be out on the 8th Dec 2009! Soulscapes & Jazz Breaks will be released in full on CD, a six track EP on Vinyl and as a Digital Download!

Pat D & Lady Paradox's second release entitled 'Soulscapes & Jazz Breaks' comes with a live twist of hip-hop, jazz and soul. The album features live singers, numerous instruments and artists such as Benjamin Zephaniah and Kashmere.

Look out for the drop here.

Gavin @ Jus Like Music says: AJB's finger is persistently on the musical pulse and if there's a hot joint out, you'll hear about it on AJB. But, what I wanted to do was create a mix made up entirely of music I knew AJB would like, but not necessarily be that familiar with. Ultimately, I think I got pretty close to achieving just that! The mix is 45 minutes long and contains heavy tracks from the likes of Slugabed, Lunice, Mwëslee, Ocuban and Teebs. It's a mean blend of hip-hop inspired electronic beats and melodies, starting with Dabrye and ending with José James - albeit both in the form of remixes! A lot of thought went into its creation and I think the faithful readers of AJB will approve of my selection of tracks.

Thanks for this dope mix Gav! Cover credits to Gav aswell!

Download / Stream
Jus Like Music gives us : Horizons (right click to download)

01. Dabrye - Game Over (Dorian Concept remix)
02. Slugabed - Once A Philosopher
03. KenLo - LLL's Feelosophie
04. Lunice - Hoppin On Clouds
05. Mwëslee - Plaqueta & Baldosa (20 Caixas)
06. Keaver & Brause - Awake
07. Rustie - Pressure Bubbles
08. Ocuban - Phylum
09. Blue Daisy - Space Ex feat. LaNote
10. Machine Drum - Bermuda Love Triangle feat. Addiquit
11. Lukid - Veto
12. King Midas Sound - One Ting (Dabrye remix)
13. Teebs - Untitled 02/09
14. José James - Blackmagic (Untold remix)

AJB features Letherette, coming from uk and are some great minds that produces great beats. Previously we featured them in our latest mix 'Whats In That Juice VOL.4' in that bibio remix. Now lets get to know them abit more..

Story behind Letherette
Letherette started life in a dark lounge hidden from the normal crowds and untouched for years, playing over and over the music itself sounded more and more dusty as the years grew. Country girls dressed in gingham from the surrounding areas where drawn in by the music and came from miles around to dance, there love for the music grew so strong they wanted to take it home. This was against the biggest rule of the ‘Letherette Lounge’ and so they stole cassettes and hid them in there bloomers smuggling them out, only now has it started to leak.

Letherette - Montego(Fuzz)

Letherette - Ting Tang (Shorter)

AJB just love Muhsinah & here is a new video, a little teaser of "Before" By Muhsinah Directed By this is a selection from The Oscillations:Triangle. iTunes exclusive release drops 12/01/09 Which Contains "Lose My Fuse" produced By Flying Lotus and hit single "Always".

Visit for more details.

Another Friday another beat from The Are, play and enjoy!

The Are says: Another Friday beat leak! Oh the stories behind the beats. One day I’ll sit down and tell you all about it. Beat shopping is a muthafuka!

Believe U Me /Great to See You by The ARE

A joint just given to us from california turntablist, Teeko. A funky beat made in 08' for a free download.

Teeko says:Just uploaded the first track I ever made with the Controller One Turntable. Recorded in early 2008, "Here Comes The Funk OF The Future".

Teeko -
"Here Comes The Funk OF The Future" Right click to download

Here’s the first single from SV’s The Villa Manifesto that drops December 8th, which leads up to the full-length Villa Manifesto LP next year, which will feature tracks as the fully united Slum Village with J Dilla.

Slum Village – Dope Man (Prod. Young RJ)

Shouts to moovmnt for the link!

Peep out this shot from Brainfeeder Sessions Ep.2, Downtown Independent Theatre, Los Angeles, 11/08/09

Photo by Patrick Ebu-Mordi

The talented vocalist Mar just hit us with a new tune, well this is his version over the fresh Dorian Concept's 'Bipolar Frienship'. Let just play!

Mar says:
I had to sing some to Dorian's “Bipolar Friendship”.

Dorian Concept “Bipolar Friendship” (Mar Variation)

One of AJB favorite Nikki NTU is back with a new track 'Get It Up', produced once again by the talented Melo-X just tune and enjoy!

Message from Melo-X:

Yeah here is the first track from a slew of crack I got stashed up. You'll be getting alot of new music till the end of the year.

Message from Paul Pre:

Hey Fam,
here's a mix i did for the good people from Musique Large. It's part (#13) of the "La Mixette" series.
hope you like it…

Press play to stream Paul Pre / Musique Large - La Mixette vol 13

Paul Pre / Musique Large - La Mixette vol 13

Tracklist in comment section

Live performance by Fresh Daily in Brooklyn for the 2009 CMJ Showcase.

For more FRESH

Update: Now available on Itunes here !

AJB sunday feature is this wonderful album by - Anthony Valadez, Enjoy!
Don't sleep fans of Afta-1, Devonwho..or nah just really lovers of music. Tracklist in comment section!Peep the two songs featured & Available soon here

Audio/Visual is the debut full length from artist, club and radio dj,
playwright, Anthony Valadez. This album is a collection of beats that
became modified with the addition of live instrumentation to add texture.
The concept of the album is based on the merger between sight and sound.
Each song, sample and layer is inspired by a visual that inspired Valadez.

“I’ve always been inspired by the visual element of everyday life” Valadez
explains. “From my college days in taking public transportation to driving
home late at night from gigs, my mind takes mental snapshots that stay with
me while I play with keys, percussion and the mpc to create sounds.”

The opening track ‘Vibrations’ is a clear indication that this is not your typical
beat album but rather experimentation with samples, live bass lines, melodic
chord changes and soulful elements. “I got bored of beat music with simple
loops that really go nowhere and I wanted to challenge myself in creating a
palette that allows me to change the texture or mood within a song”.
Valadez enlisted the vocal talents of Stockholm’s Kissey Asplund and Los
Angeles’ Wendisue on a few of the tracks. Nevertheless, majority of the
project is an instrumental soundscape accompanied with the musicianship
of Dexter Story (Life Force Trio, Build an Ark), Shaunte Palmer
(Raphael Saadiq, Talib Kweli) and Evan Lasrey.

Anthony Valadez - Vibrations

Anothony Valadez - Fire Fly. ft Kissey Asplund

And the journey goes on...

Here is the 4th installment of the Shafiq Husayn EPK series, this time, sitting down with Om'Mas Keith (one third of SA-RA), talking about how him and Shafiq met at Ice T's house in Los Angeles, and how he helped Shafiq Husayn with various aspects of the album making process. Om'Mas Keith is also featured on "Changes" from Shafiq's album, "Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka," which was recently released via Plug Research.

Ayah- In My Lifetime, from the album, 4:15, Available @ Prod By Thrysite Directed by M Fantu Dedicated to and sponsored by The Remix

By now, you should be aware that People Under The Stairs have continued to release feel-good, break-driven hip hop with their latest full length album "Carried Away" via the good folks at OM Records. We now present the second official leak from the album for the joint entitled "Step Off" which is the opening joint to the album.

People Under The Stairs - 'Step Off'
(right click to download)

Artwork by : AJB

Let us give you something sweet to vibe with from Bluntspeakers, fresh out the box he gives us 'ALASKA' which consists of two tracks, 'Alaska' & 'So Subzero'. Lookout for the upcomin EP 'Bionic Nature' .

Bluntspeakers - 'Alaska'

Bluntspeakers - So Subzero

Download Bluntspeakers 'ALASKA' here

We are back - Apple Juice Break is back with a new mix of whats been pouring around in our freshly pressed apple juice glasses lately. The mix starts off with a blend of heavy beats with an exclusive song from Inko and also taste from Portformat song 'The Myth' off the upcomin album 'The Repeat Factor'. The whole mix runs through smoothly with a chilled out ending with beautiful beats and one exclusive new joint from 'The Ins x Miles Bonny' project. So.. just cool it down. Grab your glass and take a sip.

Much ▲❍▼❏


1. Akira Kiteshi - Boom N Pow
2. Inko - wintercoats feat ezekiel38
3. Portformat - The Myth (feat. Caits Meissner & Yarrow Lutz)
4. Suff Daddy -Join The Club
5. Testiculo -Wedoeveryday
6. KnwXledge -Froid
7. Bibio - Lovers' Carvings (Leatherette Remix)
8. Mayer-Hawtorne Maybe So (Bluntspeakers-Remix)
9. The Ins X Miles Bonny - Breakfast ft. Fleur Earth
10. Black Spade - Untitled Mix II ft coultrain
11. Phalea - Awakening (feat. Anneka)
12. Subeena - Ft. Jamie Woon & Om'mas Keith - Solidify
13. Zo!- Nights Over Egypt feat. Carlitta Durand

Download it here / Stream Below!

—Illustration by Adrian Riemann

Stevo Says
:I was really inspired by the good work of Boyz Noize. I saw his video on youtube today, where he was playin his last live show a few weeks ago here in berlin @ wmf club.

I couldnt belive I didnt make it to this crazy ill live adventure of music!!!

So the outcome of the whole inspiration and anger about these unnecessary facts above,… is this beat I did today! Hope U could nod your head to it for a while…

Untitled1044 by stevo

The long awaited first video from the critically acclaimed album "Soon You'll Understand" Presented by Crooks & Castles and produced entirely by Moonshine.

Directed by Jerome D. for The Top Shelf Company

Download "Soon You'll Understand" for free at

Via Potholesinmyblog:

Here is a little something that the homie Elucid cooked up, full of bruising bass and drums. With a heavy influence from Flying Lotus, this 8-bit masterpiece is guaranteed to get your eardrums moving. Here is a direct quote from Elucid;

“The Sub Bass Diet showcases my love for 8 bit electronic sounds and digital rhythms. Inspired by dub reggae/dubstep, global street art culture and free form experimental producers like Flying Lotus, The Sub Bass Diet explores the power of drum & bass as the vehicle for transcendence.”

<a href="">First Meditation by E L U C I D</a>

'Beautiful Noise' is the first single and title track from Spank Pops' new Ep, "Beautiful Noise" buy it here now!

Ep info...:

San Francisco bred emcee Spank Pops & beatmaker Doctor J integrate for the rapper's latest project, the 7 track EP 'Beautiful Noise' (Hella Records). Doctor J's proficiency on the MPC provide the ideal backdrop for Spank's cadent lyricism ("I love a beat that's not for beginners", he declares on the bouncy/off-beat "Why I Do This"). The pair are joined by Spank's fellow Honor Roll crew members Trackademicks, Mike Baker the Bike Maker, Josie Stingray, and 1-O.A.K., all recognized Bay Area artists as well. If the golden age of hip-hop is where your heart resides, stay wise & do not miss this EP.

lyrics written by Spank Pops

<a href="">Beautiful Noise (radio edit) by Spank Pops</a>

Just got these fresh tunes from Lotus, yes this are some New Lotus & Big Gigantic for you guys to either Stream / Download it.

In the midst of issuing a pair of new EP’s (Feather on Wood and Oil on Glass) and also in the midst of a full-on tour, instrumental electronic band Lotus - have found themselves part of an interesting remix project. Lotus member Jesse Miller has remixed a track of Big Gigantic (an alias for Motet saxophonist/producer Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken), “Thinking Out Loud,” off of the album ‘Fire It Up,’ while Lalli returns the favor, remixing the Lotus track, “Simian,” off ‘Oil on Glass.’

“Dom’s compositions always feature strong melodies, so I wanted to keep that element mostly in tact for this remix while using a different tempo and beat than the original,” explains Miller. “I spent a day bouncing tracks to an old 4-track tape machine to get some analog grit and manual EQing on the mix, hence the Cassette moniker in the title.”

All proceeds will be donated to Musicopia. Musicopia is a non-profit organization that brings educational music enrichment programs to schools and communities throughout the Delaware Valley.

<a href="">Thinking Out Loud (Cassette Remix by J. Miller) by Lotus</a>

Download it here

This is some new Jay Electronica shoot live, this is some high quality stuff, We love it!

Free new & just insanely good stuff from Zo! You might know him from Foreign Exchange this is a free EP called "...just visiting too". Now just download it!

Note:We are proud to present the new EP of covers from our longtime friend, collaborator, and bandmate Zo!, "...just visiting too."
Working on this record has been a labor of love for everybody involved, and we hope it serves as a teaser for Zo's upcoming full-length "SunStorm," dropping next summer on FE Music.

Enclosed in the "...just visiting too" zip file is a digital pdf booklet complete with all the album credits, information on the album's vocalists and contributors, as well as information on the originals.
Enjoy the music, pass it around to a friend, and as always thank you for the support.
We hope this record makes your transition into the holiday season much easier. Thank you for listening.

Team FE marches on!

One Love,
'Te and Nic

Download Zo! - ...just visiting too

R.O.E. (Rising Over Envy) is an emcee from Chicago, he sent us this fresh track from his debut EP called 'A Pen. A Mic. A Dream.' Show some support & lisent!

"The Gloves (No Quit), off my debut EP, "A Pen. A Mic. A Dream." presented by Rock The Dub ( The song features fellow Chicago music artist, Chris Mathien ( Chris also produced the track. Hopefully you will enjoy it."

The Gloves (No Quit)

The Niyat return with a dosage of raw lyrics from Doc MindBender (aka D-Ology) in "Us". Produced by Mirawge Bizarre.Taken from their latest mixtape opus "Raxus Prime" out now. Filmed by Wraithe for Kinetik Cinematix 2009.

Of the From the Raxus Prime Mixtape

Some new, stuff from MPM to be released 27.11.09!
AJB gives you some previews of what to come, this is something you really can't sleep on!

Super soul 12" from the CGN/KCMO connection. The Cologne based producer team The Ins (Twit One & friends)

has teamed up with Miles Bonny from Kansas City for a 3 track 12".

"J.Birly" is a cover of the Jerry Butler classic "Just Because I Really Love You" as used by Dilla for the "Luv U" beat on the "Donuts" album.
Jerry Butler was the original lead singer of the Impressions alongside Curtis Mayfield.

"Lumberjack Soul" aka "The Miles Bonny Theme Song" was recorded at the Treehouse studio in Cologne,
during Miles' European tour this summer. Produced by Testiculo Y Uno (= Hulk Hodn + Twit One).

"Breakfast" was also recorded at the Treehouse and features Fleur on the second verse.
This is the second release by The Ins. The first one was the 7" "I'm Still Waiting / Fall In Love"
– two covers of Bob Marley and Slum Village feat. Mariama and Fleur Earth.

The Ins x Miles Bonny - Breakfast w/ Fleur Earth

The Ins x Miles Bonny - Lumberjack Soul


Louis Fly at CrateMag just put out this awsome podcast which is the first podcast from cratemag! Peep it out and let's hear what he got to say about it!

Vol. 1 is a laid back compilation of tracks I listen to recently. Some of them you probably know and some of them should be quite new for you. On our first compilation you’ll get few tracks with beautiful voices, few beats with MC’s spittin on it and few instrumentals. It’s a mixture of different music genres, so we hope you’ll all like it. Crate Podcast vol. 1 features Fella Vaughn, fLako, Versis, Sonar Soul, Niño and few more dope artists. Have fun listening to it!


Sonar Soul - Hide Your Face
Full Crate - 80s Sugar ft. Mar
Versis - All In
Tony Williams - Dreaming (Tobrock Remix /w Don Cerino)
Fella Vaughn – Clouds
Little Dragon – Fortune (AFTA-1 Remix)
Jose James - Black Magic (Untold Remix)
Mayer Hawthorne – Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix)
Vikter Duplaix - Electric Love
Niño - I Like It
fLako feat. Amenta – 04500
Feux & Mirac - In the Dark feat. Shuanise (Instrumental)
Powell – Rhytm & Wax
Annu - She

Download it here

Good music for good people.

Crate Podcast # 1 by cratemagazine

New video from the Swedish group that goes by the name 'Supahumans' with the track 'Double Trouble'. The beat is so heavy and you can truely tell that it was done by Supahumans! Ha! Peep it out!

Some music by Cohoba as mondayjazz says; from the quite exotic part of the world Caribbean, Dominican Republic to be more clear.Cohoba is an old Spanish term used to describe a South American Indian ceremony, during which psichodelic seed of cojóbana tree is being smoked.
Anyhow peep out this awsome track 'Parasio' we just recivied featuring AJB featured artist Inko. The beat just grows on you, just lisent & feel how the beat elevates and build.

Get his mix for MondayJazz here

Paraiso feat Inko by Cohoba

Note from Bluntspeakers: Here is a free DOWNLOAD called "My girl" its from a couple months ago, i used it in mAy in a live set @Dropp

AJB features this fresh video from California emcee SLik D, from his record 'Summer Vibes'. 'Picture Pefect' is one of our favorite track from this dope record, with visualls even more dope! Peep it out & just vibe to it!

Note Cosmic Souls Collective:The homie SLik d dropped his first music video of Picture Perfect from his latest release, Summer Vibes. This video has cameos from other CSC members as well. Shit’s dope! Make sure you download Summer Vibes! I mean, it’s free. You can stream/download it via BandCamp.

Here is the 3rd installment of the Shafiq Husayn EPK series, this time around, Shafiq gives you a personal tour of his home studio, highlighting some of the various equipment used to make the recently released album, "Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka." This installment also sits down with singer Jimetta Rose as she talks about her experience recording the song "Lost In Found," and the humbling experience having Bilal also sing vocals on the song.

Amenta performing "Do You" at Studio 672 Cologne (October 16th 2009).
Do You (prod. fLako)!

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