If your not that familiar with Kris Mars,You might remember Kris Mars from Tokyo Dawns Record's 'The Heart' album. Now the recent red bull Academy participant, TA-KU in a collaboration with Kris Mars give you the EP called 'The Lonely Stranger'... A kinda heartbreaken story, or tough love and just love. Music is fresh and it's free so and grab it on their bandcamp and enjoy some good music.

I Love You

Love Tonight feat. D'anna Stewart

Mr. Dibia$e just hit us up with a tune from his upcoming beat-tape "Sound Palace", a beat that is very bumpable, the mellow sound, is the kind that makes your mind float away & at the same time groovable. Let's just say it's a dope it beat. And the beginning with the classic Radio Raheem sampled in from 'Do The Right Thing' it's just epic. Cudos to Dibia$e for another killer beat. So look for the upcoming Dibia$e beat tape. To purchase the album you have to email to: info@mrdibiase.com and pay $10 (free shipping within US).

And also stay updated for some illness that's about to appear on AJB.....shh.....

DIBIA$E - 'Strangeland'

Freddie Joachim, just hit us with yet another dope production. You never get tired of D'angelo's music and the fact that Freddie Joachim just dropped this remix joint of 'Left & Right' is a treat, and also a FREE treat!

Grab the download here

Our friend, Chris Young The Rapper has just released “Most Wanted Remix,” the third single from his forthcoming project Value Pack 2: Cream & Sugar, due out in February.

Grab the download here / or via Bandcamp

Homie, Versis just hit us with a new video and teams up with ScienZe in a track called 'TakingTheDayOff' produced by Blu. We're always down to support Versis and of course..shout out to the director of the video- aaronisnotcool! We have some great news to share with you all soon about our upcomin 'IF IT SPEAKS LISTEN - APPLE JUICE BREAK PRONOUNCED LOVE' album...First single is about to drop sooon.

Stay updated.

Here goes #3 of the MADPIFF series, this time Piff PCH & Makeshift put in some excellent work, and as always it sounds nothing but dope. 'Greenery' is name of the joint and as always and said before this serie of "MADPIFF" is all about doing it over Madlib beats. If you missed out the 2 previous releases of "MADPIFF", shame on you. But you can check out #1 here and #2 here.

Grab the download here

Some good news updates on Ghostpoet's debut album ""Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam" is being released worldwide on February 7th via Gilles Peterson's "Brownswood Recordings" imprint. And Today, we get an good preview of the the album by "Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam," check out this album preview that the good folks at Brownswood put together. I'm really excited for this drop and there's such a creativity and unique in the sound Ghostpoet brings. If you haven't heard the first single of the upcoming album check out "Ghostpoet -" Cash and Carry Me Home".

Check out the album preview here

Ghostpoet "Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam" iTunes Pre-Order here

Apple Juice Break connects with the brand Somewear based in sweden, their concept is simply 'Friendship'. Somewear is a creative group of people who make fresh clothes and we've heard that they might turn into Somewear records. Anyhow AJB is always down to support creative souls, so we wanted to share with you some great music that AJB currently tuned into so why don't you give it a peek and check them out at - http://www.somewear.com/ while you enjoy this amazing 50 minutes mix.

You can download the mix here/or stream here

Plug Research just hit us with a new video from mister Bilal, and this time one of my personal favorite song of Airtights Revenge 'Levels' is now in visuals. The video is directed by the super producer Flying Lotus a.k.a Steve Ellison. Lotus is making his directorial debut and this marks as sort of a Plug Research reunion, where his debut 1983 was released. The visually, stunning video was inspired by the Bilal track and also features cameo appearances by Erykah Badu and Shafiq Husayn (who produced the track).

Lotus recently discussed the concept of the video saying, “I originally wanted to keep visual themes with another video from my last LP called ‘mmhmm’ off of my last album. It featured Thundercat as an intergalactic bass player in a super strange world created by ‘Special Problems’. Since Thundercat was part of this song, I thought it could be fun to continue the visual style and feel of this space opera. In the end you have this crazy video made of so much mixed media, geek dreams and lots of love.” This is the third video off of Bilal's latest album Airtight's Revenge .

Bilal “Levels”: EP can be purchased at Itunes

Also if it wasen't enough ,The ken Bts. Remix of 'Levels' is a Free download here

AJB hit you with the second track of Cali emcee Piff PCH of his 'MADPIFF' series and as said before the tracks are all over Madlib beats. Last time he gave u the track "Pressure", and today he bring you a track that goes by the name of "Raid" still the same crazy energytic flow. Download the track via his Bandcamp page or stream the track below.

One of the artists on AJB & Pronounced Love's project Versis just dropped the second visual from his debut LP," iLLCANDESCENT". Love what this young emcee creates.

Oh my, do we have something really fresh to post. One of our favorite albums last year was from TiRon "MSTRD", so question yourself, what if the whole album got made in 80's style, what would it sound like? Well, Jonesin' For Sum Comfort Food from Sweden, just dropped a project they call "Hney Mstrd"(80's Edition)." which AJB proudly present. The whole project was made in about 2-3 weeks, and since 80's soul is close to their heart the choice of which style that would present the project was a piece of cake. The flow by TiRon just fits in perfect, so go ahead and grab this free project.

[edit] The album reached it's limit on Bandcamp, Grab the download here

If you haven't had enough of Bilal's 'Airtights Revenge' we got some good news for you! Bilal is back with 'Levels' EP which is a 4 track with different versions of the lovely song 'Levels', of course the original version and instrumental is included but also two remixes made by Flying Lotus & the other one made by Sonnymoon. Check out the Flying lotus version...and it will drift you away. purchase the EP via Levels - EP - Bilal or at Plug Research.

Bilal – Levels (Flying Lotus Re-Edit)

Last time U-N-I went Donkey Kong over a Dibia$e beat, now they drop the second single off their upcoming album 'Kings Keep Marching' they join forces with BJ the Chicago Kid and in a production by THX. Like always U-N-I bring quality, and the track 'Muddy Jane' adresses as they say "Different types of addictions from women, drugs and lifestyles. "

Grab the download here [updated link]

Melo-X is back with yet another smooth track, as we still got 'Gone Baby' on repeat on our playlist he gives us 'Orgasmic Audio (Remix)' - yeah, the title kinda says it all.

"MeLo-X takes his smooth late night New York love sessions out to the Bay Area on this Orgasmic Audio remix. If you didn't know before, you know now that Cali is MeLo's second love and he couldn't leave his mistress without some audio stimulation. Even though this is a hella live Too Short beat, MeLo is able to lay down his Notorious BK Godking flow."

Grab the download here

It's been four months ago NYC duo Hoodie Allen released "Pep Rally", and just yesterday they sent new material of their forthcoming mixtape "Leap Year". Lets us present you the track "Dreams Up" which is an up-beat track with a Oh Land's "White Nights" Sampling and as they say "It's all about bringing a new attitude into the new year." I am always happy to hear new stuff from this duo and the creativity they bring into their music, keep looking out for the drop here at AJB.

Grab the download here

Hoodie Allen - 'Dreams Up'

Danny Brown's future looks bright, ever since the launch of his debut-album 'The Hybrid', Danny Brown has caught quite a buzz. If you haven't heard about him until now you're really sleeping. But whats new is that he recently dropped the track 'Radio Head' via his twitter feed which is one really dope track in production by Samiyam.

Grab the download here

L.A. duo Seven Day drop the follow up to Concepts. Released on 01.11.11 CNCPTSII is a collection of tracks done in the last 9 months from Seven Day. This installment has a feature on almost every joint with California emcee's you should be familiar with if you aren't already. Debut LP "Dusk 'Til Dawn" coming soon.

Grab the download here.

As Chris Young The Rapper prepares for the launch of Value Pack 2, he gives us a sneek preview of whats coming with track "Postin Westcoastin" and you can't do nothing but love it. This cat is if I might say it, one of the most promising upcoming artist on the Cali scene. With no further ado enjoy this track.

Chris Young The Rapper - Postin' Westcoastin'

YoThurz just gave a little heads up on a new U-N-I track they just dropped called, 'Donkey Kong' produced by Dibia$e that punch the joint with a video game inspired beat.

U-N-I 'Donkey Kong' prod. Dibia$e

San Diego Emcee Piff PCH bout to launch his 'MADPIFF' series which basically is all over Madlib beats. The first track that takes effect is "Pressure" which does not only come with a fresh cover art, but a dope track with piff's energetic flow. So if you aren't that familiar with this cat I really recommend you to hear him out.

The BamaLoveSoul Crew has finally released their second original music compilation, a funky situation: the remixes. This compilation was created completely by having producers from across the globe flip songs from Wilson Pickett's 1978 a funky situation album. 14 tracks deep, a funky situation: the remixes is our way of honoring icon and Alabama native, Wilson Pickkett's musical contribution. Each producer and emcee has interpreted a song from his album and has given it a modern twist all while keeping the indomitable soul that Wilson Pickett was well known for.

Download Links: Divshare | Hotfile | Fileden | Rapidshare

We just got this heavy beattape by a cat that goes by the name of Rawdee, called "PHASE TWO: The Prequel". We figured we share this with you since it's always nice with some heavy quality beats. Rawdee is a producer from The Netherlands & you can check out more of his stuff here and at soundcloud.

Grab the Free Download!

Phase Two: The Prequel by Rawdee

Sam Champ is one incredible producer that seems to get everything he put his hands on to something amazing & around the holidays he dropped his first full remix compilation which is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from Bandcamp. Offering a fresh take on acapellas from both new and well-established artists, including D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Amerie, Usher, Flying Lotus, and Electric Wire Hustle, Sam finds common ground among them with his distinctive, soulful production. The leaked tracks from the EP have been downloaded over 5,000 times without any official promotion, and they have also received near-universal praise.

Sam has previously produced tracks for vocalist Kissey Asplund and keyboardist/vocalist Selan, and provided sample-identification assistance for The [Abstract] Best Q-Tip mixtape series by acclaimed DJ/producer, J. Period. He also maintains several long-standing DJ residencies in Brooklyn, including the popular Champion Sound! party with OP! at Soda Bar. He has spun at concerts and parties for 15 years, including events for Blackstar and Raphael Saddiq. Download HERE

I am not so familiar with the music by Living Proofs but when I got a mail with this track I felt like I needed to share it with you. This is the first single named "Full Speed" of Living Proofs upcoming album that goes by the same name, this great joint features Abstract Rude, Michele Wylen and is produced by Trox.

The Album will be released tomorrow at their Bandcamp page and has a real nice lineup with features and productions by, Planet Asia, Devonwho, Abstract Rude,Tony Ozier & more.

New music from the KEYEL collective. This time coming from DJ. ESO. a 14 track beat/tape instrumental album entitled "PINKY RING". Usually known for his mixes (i.e. keyel 2010 mix, lost in my own mind) this time he's coming with his own produced music made with his sp-404, vintage keyboards, and turntables.. Two tracks have feature production with other KEYEL member PEASE (crunch. BET THAT!).

It's been a while since AJB posted but don't worry we back with some great music from Oddisee and also his favorite picks! And while we wait for the upcoming album which is set to be released in May this year we might expect some projects here and there from mr. Oddisee.

Here's what Amelia from PMOI
had to say:
"A Year In" is a video and 20 track limited download (only the first 1000 are free), by one of the hardest working producer/ MCs in the business Oddisee, as a thank you for all of the support he received this past year. The selection includes 20 of his favourite tracks from 2010 with a diverse list of features including; Kidkanevil, Trek Life, Tokimonsta, Asher Roth, Blu, Tranqill, Eric Lau, Homeboy Sandman, Olivier Daysoul, X.O. & yU of Diamond District, Stik Figa, Keziah, and Tiron.
The collection is taken from some of the full length projects Oddisee produced this year such as Trek Life's album Everything Changed Nothing, the Mr Saint Louis EP by Olivier Daysoul, Stik Figa's From The Top EP, the West Coast Beat Tape, Odd Winter, Odd Spring, and also from various other tracks he contriubuted to or featured on).

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