Esau Mwamwaya f. MIA & Santigold, “Get It Up”

AJB came across this so hype duo from Dennmark called Qaudron based of COCO & ROBIN. The music is a soulful/jazzy vibe with a touch of modern soul. One of the most best things about them is her voice -Just simply beautiful with a bit of reminder of
Corinne Bailey Rae and the beats fits it just perfect. In July 28th they released the album 'Quadron' - Buy it here.


Until recently, the name Quadron been unknown to the vast majority of radio listeners and music lovers, but in early May, the duo released "Slippin '" to the people as a digital single download, and since it has been in rotation on Danish National Radio P3 & P4 . Behind the name Quadron is singer Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj and musician / producer Robin Hannibal.

Both are part of the collective soul Boom Clap Bachelors who in early 2008 secured much respect and success with the debut "Kort Før Dine Læber". Here they began their collaboration, and Robin fell for Coco's beautiful voice and ability to improvise with playful ease.

Coco has, despite only beeing 21, already been ongoing for some years, where she beyond her role figure in front Boom clap bachelors' band,she also features lots of other Danish project. Robin Hannibal also has a long CV, counting collaboration with Nobody Beats The Beats, Aloe Blace, Omas Keith from SA-RA, Wallys Badarou from talking heads / level 42, Erick Sermon, Plant Life, Yamwho, Buraka As Sistema and has international super stars, as Pharrell Williams (Nerd) and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), declared themselves a fan of the other Robin Hannibal projects - Owusu & Hannibal Parallel and Dance Ensemble. addition, he is also in the group Non +, who have won P3's career cannon.

Quadrons stated goals with the debut is to provide the Danish soul scene a boost and provide an alternative to the U.S. inspired R'n'B. Quadron call their music and electronic soul, and aiming high to take advantage of mixing the sound of hand-played instruments with the benefits of today's computer-related techniques.

Quadron - Buster Keaton

Quadron - Pressure

Thanks to Ray Knowledge.

Message from GAS'D :

This season has been one of constant shift. Depending on one’s chosen level of perception, this shift can be seen as good or bad. In my case, I see it as good. It is in the Universe’s nature to maintain balance. So, though this summer has taken many lives from us, it has also brought life unto us. It is with that surge of life that we are becoming aware of what is essential for our existence. It is not money, material wealth or social popularity. It is Love, Health, and Creation. Three elements that we are born with and need no exterior source to provide for us. We all have the gift of love, we all are capable of healing ourselves, and we are all co-creators with The Creator, capable of manifesting as vessels of the highest universal frequency.

This passed June we experienced the loss of a spirit that though constantly confronted with demons, accepted his responsibility to carry out his purpose as a lover and creator to the fullest degree he was capable of. Michael Jackson gave until he could no longer, and even in his passing…he gave. With his transition, he released his spirit back into the universe, affecting all of us through energy. Awakening our 6th sense and a trust in our God given gifts, we have rediscovered love…

Personally, this summer has birthed and re-birthed many connections to God/Love that I either lost track of or never knew I had. Through individual enlightenment, as well as collaboration and creation with other loved ones.

This season has been good to me, and it is with that energy that I present this piece.

A love collaboration with a brother and inspiration of mine, Cazeaux OSLO…

This is our birthday gift for MJ…a gift for you


Download AFTA-1 & Cazeaux OSLO - MJ Right Click To Download / Press Play

One of my favorite producers Dela made this production - Kooley High jumps on it and create - Kooley Is High - Download the mixtape Kooley Is High hosted by K-Saalam here.

Flwrpt just recently dropped this very funky mix, called 'Funk For The Folks'. Press play & download - Full tracklist found in the comment section!

The Message:

I never did a pure funk mix…but all summer I have been digging hard for funk records, funk breaks, etc. I came up on some pretty dope music (in addition to some stuff I already had) and naturally I took that inspiration to put together the latest mix…Funk For The Folks. I hope you all enjoy…

Download Funk For The Folks (right click to download)

A new video by 'The Foreign Exchange' with the track called 'House Of Cards featuring the lovely Muhsinah - love it.

Directed by Matt Koza

Our boy Blu is back with more wonderful beats! I just love the way Blu does his thing from being an emcee to producer. This cat is such creative soul. Download it for free and have a lisent!

has consistently been an artist to drop material without much warning. Staying true to his M.O., he released this all instrumental EP, NoSleepForADay, today on his Myspace page. Blu's rhyme skills are no secret, but his production game is kinda heavy too. While we wait for Blu to release his next LP, enjoy this 8 minute beat tape from HerFavoriteColor. Blu says he did this one day this summer (hence the title) while experimenting with a 2000XL for the first time.

Via OkayPlayer.

Download NoSleepForADay

Beat makin & magic -Madvillain ReVISION

For all the sleepers out there, get it with Damu The Fudgemunk.. read more about him & get music, in our previous feature.

The talented Brittany Bosco is about to re-release her Spectrum EP - 2.O! The date is set to release the EP 1st september. With great nu-jazz/soul/blues, Electronic beats & her beautiful voice the songs just goes hard - feel the vibes..feel the blues & soul.


Almost without warning unheard and unseen, Brittany Bosco has created a growing revolution amongst her peers and her contemporaries in Atlanta’s growing, cultural music scene. The Savannah native took the reigns of the pulse coursing through the veins of underground music with her release of the The Spectrum EP in 2008, and has continued to ride this pulse, making it’s vibrations and sound audible to those in the mainstream industry. The recent release of her debut video, “Blues for Blue/Black & White” , as well as a string of performances on both coasts, displays Bosco’s ability to captivate audiences and break boundaries of age, genre, sex, and race. California to Chicago, New York to North Carolina, Bosco’s ability to bend genres and captivate the hearts and imagination of her multitude of supporters is evident. Within a years time, Bosco has received major media recognition, and her fan base has grown exponentially. She has no plan to stop anytime soon.

There are few things more exciting, moving, thrilling, and mind-altering than witnessing the vocal talents and showmanship displayed at a Brittany Bosco performance. The professionally trained songstress, and self-proclaimed “actress” combines these unique gifts and truly exhibits traits of the greatest entertainers of our time. Bosco’s well-rounded taste in music, which includes contemporary alternative artists as well as legends of sound from the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, combined with her love for true showmanship has made her an unstoppable force, oozing with raw talent and charming personality.

Now, with the release of her next compilation, "The Spectrum Re-Release", followed by BLACK in the fall of 2009 Bosco and The Big Up! creative collective continue to develop the Bosco brand through innovations in both music and design. Brittany Bosco is genre-bending, thought - provoking, inspiring, quirky, passionate, and honest. A diamond in the rough, a truly authentic artist creating her own waves within a sea of mediocrity. Take a look. Take a listen. Bosco.

<a href="">Welcome to Funkyolon by BRITTANY BOSCO</a>

<a href="">Welcome to Funkyolon by BRITTANY BOSCO</a>

Converse presents: 9 nights, September 1st - 9th, Peanut Butter Wolf on a 9-night tour of the 9 area codes stretching from Los Angeles, Orange County to the Inland Empire. Each night PB Wolf will do video sets with multiple genres from the 90s.

The first night, at Pomona's Glass House, Sep. 1, will be a Stones Throw showcase with Mayer Hawthorne, Dam-Funk, Rhettmatic and Pase Rock. The final night, Sep, 9th, is a party we'll be announcing in early September.

"999" follows in the tradition of Wolf's 888 and 777 events in the past two years, and an all heavy metal DJ set for 6/6/6 in 2006.

Tour dates


Notorious crate-diggers Iron and Eon Green present their brand-new mixtape: ‘Adventures in the land of music’.

One wicked masterpiece of a mix, with over seventy original funk and soul cuts, blended together like I haven’t heard since listening to those early Rob Swift tapes almost ten years ago.

Seriously, get your hands on a copy of this mix, because it is a gem. Simply by mailing dj Iron on deejayiron[at], the mix is for sale with the reasonable 5 euro pricetag. Check these two snippets and judge for yourself

Shouts to !

California Sacramento based group, Delorean just recently dropped their record 'No More Hereos', Purshace it today here & check out the songs below from the 'No More Hereos'. Do not sleep on this hype upcomin group.

Note:Rap to the future: Neighborhood Watch co-founder and emcee 5th Ave and local producer Jon Reyes are Delorean, whose eight-song release, No More Heroes, takes local hip-hop back to the basics: smart raps, catchy hooks, chill harmonies, addictive bass, rich synths—all a welcome reprieve from the hyperfast BPM, aggro-snare, bouncy-lows trends of mainstream rap.

Delorean - Look Alice

Delorean - Chillin Ft. C-Plus, Dahlak & Dj Flow

Offbeat del caribe EP
is meant to be released digital soon as the first release out of the new label/crew "Patio Records", from Dominican Republic formed by RBMA BCN 2008 former participant Denim as well as Cohoba , Botanico, Basik and Inko. All of them from the place they call "el patio" which is the nickname given from locals to the dominican republic.
Look out for the drop of the EP real soon, maybe within 6 weeks! But already check out a preview from it with this track called Hibernation! Get ready for some Down-tempo/Experimental beats!


You might remember us featuring and posting some song by these guys awhile ago, one of the songs was 'Up' a laid back tune - here is the music video for it.
Download the 'UP' song here.

Download the new song called 2fast here for free.

Music video by Seven Day performing UP: Closed-Captioned with Jose Espinoza [Video Director/Editor], Glynn Trolz [Director of Photography] Listed Diction 2009 Thanks to everyone who helped out...

We recently talked with the man, the beard, and the beat producer Rob Viktum, with classic free download beat tapes such as snack packs volume 1-3 and soon for and classic collaborative tracks with artist such as Brother Ali & Tanya Morgan his future is as bright as any.

Download Aight, New Drink here.

Man hows life been treating you?

Life has been very good. Everyday you wake up is a good day in this world LOL.

I know you've been crazy busy, you got new projects under way?

IM constantly working on beats, but most recently I have just completed and EP with Don Will from the group Tanya Morgan. Its something that im very proud of. I cant wait for people to hear it! it will be avail on Sept 1st at I also have just started a fully digital record label called Mega Royal, we are still working on all the details, but stay tuned for that!

So what happen on 9-9-08 (day you got robbed...and became Viktum)?

The actual date is 9/9/99 . I wont go into too much detail, but I was very very young, and was just not a good judge of character. An mc who i was producing broke into my studio, and took all my gear while I was at School. So I took the moniker "Rob Viktum" as my own personal Fuck You to them...


Man i was in Texas during Ike! i took off to Florida how did you deal with it?

It wasnt bad in Dallas where I live. come to think of it, I dont remember too much about it at all..LOL.

Does anyone have a better beard than you??

NO..LOL, im sure there is, someone always is better..thats life..

Tell us about beat fanatic.

Beat Fanatic is a crew of beat makers and producers across the states and UK. It was founded by Slop Funk Dust who is a HIGHLY slept on producer from Florida. Peace to Slop Funk...

The info red project was crazy nice you got anything coming up with him again?


How was it like working with the legendary Mr. Dibbs (atmosphere)?

Dibbs is pretty much my older brother. we are completely opposite in almost everything musically, but we are the closest of friends. I owe a lot to Dibbs.

When you heard bout Baatin were where you?

I was at home, working on a beat.

What are your memories of memories?

Memories are used to build on future endeavors.

How did you hook up with Jabee & Mac Lethal?

I've know Mac for years from going to Scribble Jam in cinci. I met Jabee even longer ago by doing shows in Oklahoma City. The song you are probably refering to is the joint on jabee's mixtape. Mac sent his verse over another beat, Jabee asked me to remix it, then jabee rappers on it, added some singers, and boom there you interesting fact about that song, its the first time Mac and I have ever worked togather, even after knowing each other for all these years.


is a FRESH street wear clothing company out of Oklahoma City owned by my homie Ob 1 (who is a dope producer as well) .. peace to OB 1!!!!










/ Bam Circa 86

Another HVW8 podcast, with Hawthorne Headhunters live session/beatset w/ Coultrain. Get it now!

Once again gracing the HVW8 stage, originally coming from that special place between Long Beach and Los Angeles (Hawthorne, Ca), we have the Hawthorne Headhunters. Recorded live at the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery.

The crew, including the additions of Jimi James, Coultrain, Stopha and TeLuv on vocals, are all on hand to give us more of what they started on the podcast about a two years ago. Here we are for round 2.

In the mix we hear full tracks from the current Hawthorne Headhunters EP release along with bits of solo material, inspirations for future work and, until now, unreleased works being refined for future projects with HVW8 Records.
You heard it here first.

Full track listing available soon.

The highly anticipated debut release from Proh Mic, Ced No and Stoney Rock (aka Black Spade) - The Hawthorne Headhunters - on HVW8 records. The EP is available digitally through iTunes now and on limited edition 12″ vinyl in the HVW8 Shop now - internationally in September. Hawthorne Headhunters. HVW8 Records.

Subscribe free to the HVW8 podcast in iTunes.

on iTunes

Hi-Hat Club Vol.2 : in stores Sep 4. Video by Rober Winter highlighting four tracks from the album: Chinatown Chill - Up In This Muthafucka - Now That You're Mine - Daddy

Are you ready?

Featured this week is the mighty Damu The Fudgemunk, dusty jazzy - hip hop at the best. This creative & genius producer / emcee just keep on deliver the freshest music, with the skills to make the beats such as flow on them - This cat is must not sleep. Give a lisent to the song featured below & why not download the 'Same Beat EP' for free here.

Get to know Damu The Fudgemunk: Real name (Earl Davis) is an American Hip-Hop music artist and producer from Washington, DC. In addition to acting as a solo artist, music producer and DJ, he is currently a member of the groups Y Society & Panacea.
Damu released his official debut album as a member of Y Society. The album Travel at Your Own Pace was released on October 10, 2007, to positive reviews. The album is reminiscent of true-school hip-hop with its liberal use of jazz and soul samples and scratching throughout. In 2008 Damu released 2 free albums primarily composed of instrumental music, entitled Spare Time and Overtime. Damu The Fudgemunk has built himself a respectable and loyal fanbase through his unique Youtube videos and live street performances around Washington, DC and New York City, which requires him to use a portable electricity generator to power his drum machine and speakers.

Damu The Fudgemunk - Same Beat

A little gift from the friends at UpMyAlley a digital exlusive remix track of Robot Vs Cerebral Vortex joint - Vortex Cookies, remixed by Lazer Sword, White Chocolate Chip.

Stream below.

Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex Cookies (Lazer Sword White Chocolate Chip Rmx) by upmyalley

It's finally here the new drop by Rob Viktum featuring Donwill & Friends of they give us this very fine drop for free, featuring Theory Hazit,Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Elucid,Jemiside, Add-2, Phil Nash & More.

1. Worth The Wait featuring Phil Nash, Von Pea & Lee Sissing
2. Barakaran featuring Elucid
3. Midwestern Lament featuring Jermiside, Add-2, Theory Hazit & Brickbeats
4. Love Life featuring Lee Sissing
5. Posthumous featuring Jermiside

A new joint from the talented mr. Full Crate and SirOJ, the good stuff just keep on coming from the amsterdam area & Full Crate Says:
When me , SirOJ, FS Green, Hayzee & Patrick Ebu-Mordi were in Birmingham and OJ were bored at the hotel so we started making a beat together and this was the result. On the picture u actually see the real process.

The picture credit goes to Partick Ebu-Mordi & Art made by Apple Juice Break.

OJ & Crate – Formule One

Shouts to moovmnt family.

The swedish producer Erik L who previously dropped the record Different Phase with the duo 'Favorite Flava' based on him & Stray, Is now in the process of makin an instrumental album which from the start was meant to be an EP. He sent me some exlusive snippets from the upcomin Album which name is yet unkown. Erik L says:
What you can expect from the album is a futuristic sound with a lot of funk mixed with soul and a jazzy feeling. In this album Erik L didnt sample much & actually played almost all the instruments himself, with that said we can tell this is a really creative album! The album will drop soon in a near future so keep your eyes opend. For some more Erik L also look out for the collaboration album between him and Illingsworth called the 'Northen Connection' & the EP 'Kitty Kat Kaboodle' with the emcee Cerebral Vortex. Erik L got a lot of thing going on, expect an entrance on the sequal of the Beat Dimensions series ' Beat Dimensions 2' dropping this fall!

Electric Dreamland


The Spirit Of Soul

Acirfa (Eve's Dance)

Love Of Music

The duo is called Nicholas Kopernicus based of the producer from New York named ClassicBeatz & the guitarist Seon Gomez. This is their upcoming album named Audiocentric also their debut album. The album can be described as a record with the flavas of House, funk, soul, jazz & hip hop. Read the note below for more info, about the album..& stream the songs below! Do not sleep on this drop.

Word from the duo:


We are Nicholas Kopernicus which is an instrumental duo that consists of producer/pianist/songwriter jason classicbeatz Minnis and Guitarist/songwriter seon gomez. Are debut Album Audiocentric is due in digital stores august 15th

The music can be described as a mixture of soul, blues, hip hop , afrobeat and funk with a focus on live instrumentation and groove.

this track is off our debut album


Candle Dreams by nkopernicus

Grand Central(ft.Sixteenstone) by nkopernicus

Of UpMyAlley : Quick&dirty one take mix by Joscha Creutzfeldt.
some old, some new, some unreleased, all favourites. Also Amenta track to look out for, check out the track list & play the stream below.

Comfort Fit - Fuh Real (feat. Dyno & Naboobia)
1000Names - He`s Just Who!
Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex Cookies (Lazer Sword Rmx)
Johnny Faith - Azeemo
fLako X Suff - Purple feat. Amenta
Jungle Drums - Walk feat. Ahu (Mwëslee nel giardino dell'cosmos Rmx)
Burial & Four Tet - Wolf Cub
Floating Points - Truly
Berghem - 090309#1.2
Made In Japan - City At Night
Bullion - Time For Us All To Love
Fulgeance - Ann Arbor
Lando Kal - Exotic Jesus
fLako - 514 (Rough Take) feat. Cerebral Vortex
Milton Wright - Keep It Up

The friends at Laid Back posted this video from Dour Festival, with peek of various artist performing such as EPMD & some goodies with Exile & Dj Day

Laid back:
On the 17th of July, our homeboy Lefto hooked us up to cover his stage at the Dour Festival 09. After Kmerons excellent pictures, here is the second part of our report: Laid Back’s video highlights featuring a selection of our favorites performances (Jazanova, EPMD) + some interviews (Exile & DJ Day, Mitsu) and backstage flavor. Turn up your sound and enjoy.

Moovmnt & Apple Juice Break presents this mix release by Front2blaq called Featuremysoul. Moovmnt says: "When this German cat Front2Blaq hit us up with this dope "Featuremysoul" mix, we decided to connect with our Swedish homegirl Johanna from Apple Juice Break to do a European collabo release". Look out for more Apple Juice & Moovmnt collabos in a future real near. So sit back, relax and enjoy. Can't get enough? Check out 92bpm for another guest mix from Front2Blaq.


01 - Knoxledge - Scotch Tape - CDR
02 - Mindesign - Empty Ship - CDR
03 - Suzi Analogue - StatQuo (prod. Devon) - CDR
04 - devonwho - portsalut - CDR
05 - Elaquent - Mystery - CDR
06 - Air - Everybody Hertz - Don't Be Light (Neptunes Remix) - Virgin
07 - Pudge - Roller slaps - CDR
08 - fitzambro$e - cakeville - CDR
09 - Professor Ojo - Focus - CDR
10 - Maverick & Oliverdaysoul - Saysomethin - CDR
11 - Pudge - blip to my threw - CDR
12 - Funkenteller - Nintendo - CDR
13 - GB interprets Little Dragon - after the rain - CDR
14 - Clonious - Emora - Ubiquity
15 - Harrison Blakoldman - Dream - CDR
16 - EC/DC - hypertension - CDR
17 - Heralds Of Change - Trip Fall feat Oddisee, Unknown & Trek Life - All City
18 - Benny B. Blonco - Sign Of the Times - CDR
19 - Jay Scarlett - Reasonable doubt - CDR
20 - Quadron - Come You Can Go - Circulation
21 - Boom Clap Bachelors - hvor vi henne - Music For Dreams

Last night Full Crate recorded with a song with Mar in like an hour, he told me about the new track & got me purty excitied, here is the final result. (Story) - Eversince his iMac crashed and he lost all his sounds, he has been playing around with a loaner laptop. Twenty minutes later this beat was finished and 40 minutes later the vocals were laced. Moovmnt says: "This Moovmnt special 'Purest' is just a teaser of the upcoming 'Moving Slow 2011' album containing nothing but sexy ass joints!" Photo credtis go to Patrick Ebu-Mordi and thanks to Crate & Mar for showing love..

Full Crate & Mar - Purest (skit)

GAS'D family gave Apple Juice an exclusive track for your ears to hear with not further ado- GAS'D Present Chris Young & Nikko Gray with the song 'Focus', a project fully produced by Nevin & guitars by Joel Van d & Joe G. Nikko Gray is a singer of the GAS'D music label ( for more info about nikko gray check out the previous Nikko gray feature here on AJB & for more Chris Young peep the AJB feature here) check out the song down below and show GAS'D some ▲❍▼❏.

FOCUS (produced by Nevin)

A new video from the california based emcee, 'Basicali'. Basicali from the highly fresh EP 'I Choose You' download it here if you haven't already ( Sleepers ). For more Basicali check out this previous post on AJB.

From the EP, "I Choose You" presented by Acrylick Clothing.
Song is produced by ILL JACKSON.

Directed by Marlowe McNulty
Director of Photography: Raul Hernandez
AC: Dominick Estarella
Editor: Robin B. Reyes

Some new stuff delivered by yours trurly Mndsgn, For free - click the link to visit bandcamp site, to get your copy click download & stream below.

<a href="">transport by mndsgn</a>

Note:Music Video for "24K Rap" off of J Dilla's latest release, Jay Stay Paid (OUT NOW). This is the first time Havoc & Raekwon have ever been together in a video, so why not do it over a J Dilla beat?!

Something good for everyone in the Amsterdam area, as you might now Full Crate & FS-GREEN join forces as the Mixing Monthly Millionaire (click to lisent to all of their mixes)

Note:Once Again we're gonna put on our dirty sneaks and step all night at de Duivel.
When? Tomorow Aug 21st.
24:00 - 04:00

The Mixing Monthly Millionaires aka Full Crate & FS Green
Gonna play some of theire fav. hiphopfunkjazz&soul

And all ya'll need to do is get your ass over there and bring all of your friends
cuz its FREE anyway.

Bullion, the producer from UK - the one who earlier this year dropped' Young Heartache EP - Now give us lisent of this Ill beat with a vibe that could remind you a slight of the great dillas 'Nothing Like This' kind of flow, Bullion calles this one 'Crazy Over You', click play and enjoy.

Bullion - Crazy Over You

Artwork: Apple Juice Break

Potholes In My Blog gives us this exclusive preview of their Transmitting Live.. Mixtape. One of the two tracks leaked today is PaperPlanePushers produced by Blu, with a hip hop - 90's sound era and dope beat & rhymes, peep it out below.

PotholesInMyBlog Note:

Today you get your second peak at Potholes In My Blog Presents… Transmitting Live mixed by DJ Traumatix, dropping next Tuesday (August 25th)! And since this mixtape is for you, the readers, why not drop two joints at the same time? That’s right, this is a double single featuring Sene, Blu, King Magnetic, Elucid and Haj of Dumhi. Two very different songs that give you a good idea of how diverse Transmitting Live will truly be. Check them out and share your thoughts after the skip…

Download: Sene – “PaperPlanePushers” produced by Blu

Download: King Magnetic & Elucid – “Double Your Money” produced by Haj of Dumhi

Download: Double Single Zip File with Full Artwork

Apple Juice Break, introduce you to the ill producer/turntabalist Teeko from the land of california. With the vibe of funk to hip hop & electronica mashed up in one lovable way. From laid back soulful tunes to more raw vibes that is - Love - Teeko delivers it in a great way.

About:Teeko is a master turntablist, composer, producer, and co-founder of 4onefunk, groundbreaking turntable funk bands The Dollar Bin Quintet, 4onePhonics, 4onefunk Band and F.A.M.E. (Fresh Analog Music Experience)

After receiving recognition and championship awards in worldwide DJ competitions (uncluding DMC, ITF and Guitar Center Championships), he toured from coast to coast and collaborated with some of jazz’s finest musicians: members of the Charlie Hunter Quartet and John Scofield Trio. Following an energetic performance in a San Francisco jazz club, audience member and legendary saxophonist Ravi Coltrane requested an encore performance. Teeko’s performances are frequently met with such requests as his style is often described as truly original and refreshing.

Teeko - Grade A, Back In The Day

Teeko - Smile Pains

Apple Juice Break are proud to give you a lisent at the 'Aight New Drink' record. Snippets givin to up by donwill & rob viktum, yes mixed by donwill & produced by the one and only beatmaker Rob Viktum. This is some loveable stuff, soulful hip hop at it's best and keys at perfection by Rob Viktum. The record features Von Pea,Theory Hazit ,Phil Nash & more. Do not sleep on this dope drop!

Aight, New Drink Snippet Tape by robviktum

Tokyo Dawn is proud to announce the release of Comfort Fit’s long awaited third album, a massive 72 minutes master-piece of electronic music featuring contributions by Howard Marks, Blaktroniks, Wallis Bird, Caits Meissner and more.Polyshufflez is available worldwide digitally, now check your favourite mp3 store and grab that future classic!

Available to buy at:
i-Tunes | Amazon | Juno | Digital Tunes

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