Message from GAS'D :

This season has been one of constant shift. Depending on one’s chosen level of perception, this shift can be seen as good or bad. In my case, I see it as good. It is in the Universe’s nature to maintain balance. So, though this summer has taken many lives from us, it has also brought life unto us. It is with that surge of life that we are becoming aware of what is essential for our existence. It is not money, material wealth or social popularity. It is Love, Health, and Creation. Three elements that we are born with and need no exterior source to provide for us. We all have the gift of love, we all are capable of healing ourselves, and we are all co-creators with The Creator, capable of manifesting as vessels of the highest universal frequency.

This passed June we experienced the loss of a spirit that though constantly confronted with demons, accepted his responsibility to carry out his purpose as a lover and creator to the fullest degree he was capable of. Michael Jackson gave until he could no longer, and even in his passing…he gave. With his transition, he released his spirit back into the universe, affecting all of us through energy. Awakening our 6th sense and a trust in our God given gifts, we have rediscovered love…

Personally, this summer has birthed and re-birthed many connections to God/Love that I either lost track of or never knew I had. Through individual enlightenment, as well as collaboration and creation with other loved ones.

This season has been good to me, and it is with that energy that I present this piece.

A love collaboration with a brother and inspiration of mine, Cazeaux OSLO…

This is our birthday gift for MJ…a gift for you


Download AFTA-1 & Cazeaux OSLO - MJ Right Click To Download / Press Play


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