This is a podcast made by you'r truly Apple Juice blog, we choose to call these podcast's sessions ' Whats In That Juice?' This weeks podcast features artist such as Versis, Heralds Of Change, Cvees, Nikki NTU, Kissey Asplund Up High & more!

These picks are made out of our truly appreciation of good music. It might light a light in your head. It might let you discover new artists, new songs & get just mighty fine orgasm by these dope tunes.
Next week, new podcast wow!

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Time Machine of the newest' album 'Life is Expensive' which is great! If you havent copped it yet you can purchase it here!


Fresh Daily on the downlooooad!

Fresh Daily's upcoming album, The Gorgeous Killer In Crimes of Passion, has been pushed back to an August 18th release date, while DJ Spinna's project, Sonic Smash, has been moved to July 21st. To make up for the delay, here's a cut by the two of them entitled "Gotta Go," which will not appear on either album (internets exclusive).

Spotted at :


Live at the Waffle House uhm yea! nice!

Mike Slott make som dopalicious sounds, if you're a fan of Hudson Mohawke , Sami Yam, Flying Lotus, FlakO this stuff right here might blow you'r mind! Check it out!

Mike Slo
tt is a nomadic soul and future-looking producer who's lived in Chicago, Glasgow, Dublin and now resides in Harlem, New York City. Mike is from a notable lineage of musical pioneers, with his father being the first major label jazz signing in Ireland. His brother was signed to Sony BMG at age 17, and even his cousin is an ex-member of Ireland's most successful golden-era hip hop group. He has released two 45's under his solo moniker on Dublin's hip hop cornerstone All City records, as well as four EP's along with maverick cohort Hudson Mohawke, and a collaboration with interstellar soul-searcher Muhsinah. This musical journeyman may wander off the well-worn path, but always manages to find his way home.

Mixes by Nobody and Mike Slott

From the upcomin EP of Hawthorne Headhunter a free download of the song 'She Wanna' . This song has a nice vibe innit soulful and just great. Their upcoming EP will be released on HVW8 on July 7.

Download the track!

'Hawthorne Headhunters are Stoney Rock (perhaps better known as Black Spade), Ced No and Proh Mic '

Spotted at :

A Cat Called Fritz is DOPE, this monday he put this down this tape on ( fantastic site) You got to love it, lisent and love. A Cat Called Fritz is from France and he put this shit down! Ah oui oui!

word of mondayjazz:
Mondayjazz mix No. 95 A Tape Called Mondayjazz Mix mixed by A Cat Called Fritz. Basically it is pure hip-hop compilation. But in the frame of genre it's quite various aspects. You can find some instrumental tracks and rap in it, very famous names and names little heard of, some classic, modern, jazzy beats and g-funk flavour, some thoughts about meaning of life and show biz bitches...
So a whole bunch of hip-hop, which geography includes even once been exotic for rappers places like Japan.

by Rokas

check the comments for tracklist.
Download A Tape Called Mondayjazz Mix

This is some dope shit from Supahumans ft. Funkenteller performin 'A Lil Touch'' live at Nalen( Sweden ) ! Play it and check it out. These guy just have a blast on scene.

Roots and Erykah Badu met up before the Jimmy Fallon’s show to record the cover of M.J's 'I Wanna Be Where You Are,' off of his famous debut solo LP, Got To Be There! This track is real nice I love it. The Roots on the instrumental point and Erykah rock the song with justice! Check it out!

Download the track!

Once again more talented shit from sweden! I just love Bud Mcnuggit been listenin to the music for awhile now and 'RUN IT'
song goes hard this is some mad steeze. Now get your budd Mcnuggit head on and orderin' some Bud Mcnuggit to your sweet music collection plate.

Bud Mcnuggit - RUN IT

a awsome Emcee from Sweden, with a sound that reminds me of tribe/slum/dilla/ madlib/digable planets. Sweden is on the map do not sleep on this cat. Pointfive who is currently in the supa dope due called 'Supahumans'. Apple Juice, will for sure provide you with music from them aswell in the near future (Oh yes Indeed!).


Just as dope as Hearin' Aid sounds, also they make dope music!

Isn't that just great? Aaron Phiri & Damon Frost make Hearin' Aid complete, check out their raw hip hop style and beats and hear em' drop some rhymes. Myspace page.

Hearin' Aid were also 2005 winners of Sweden's prestigious P3 Gold Awards, HipHop/Soul category. In addition they are also Grammy and Manifest nominees in the above category for their critically acclaimed debut album, "The Boom Lucy".

About em:
Los Angeles born emcee/producer/drummer/faith healer Damon grew up in Hawaii, two kilometres from Mount Waialiali, coincidentally the wettest spot on the planet, and Berkley, home of the people's power hippie movement of the 70's, a few blocks from Fantasy Records! The Rubberbands dance career led him to Stockholm in 1986. Subsequently it is a career that has made him a respected and recognized figure in the street dance community the world over. He has toured with Jam on the Groove/Rocksteady and Sweden's most renowned street dance troupe, BouncE. Damon is also the 2004 winner of the famed Just Deboute street dance contest in "Popping". Little is known of how he makes his music, but sonically, it is said to resemble his dancing.

Self taught musician and lion tamer, Aaron was born in Lusaka, Zambia, the land that lends its name from the mighty Zambezi River, to a church deacon mother and a speech writer father! He migrated to England in the early 80's where a religious-like encounter with hip hops four elements made him gravitate toward emceeing. He was then teleported to Stockholm, Sweden in 1990 where he was signed to WEA, while only a cherub! He earned himself a formidable reputation as a prolific freestyle emcee/songwriter and chalked up nominations for best newcomer in 1991's now defunct Siljemark Awards as well as a Nöjesguidens Stockholms Pris for best live act in 1997, with 3 Pieces of a Puzzle and Boogaloo respectively. His notoriety led him to introduce a rap curriculum in a Swedish high school, in 2000, where he has been, and is still edutaining. He was also nominated for penning "Love Dat" with labelmates Up Hygh, in Gilles Petersons 2005 Worldwide Awards, "Song of the Year" category.

Hearin' Aid - Fwyip ( The club banga )

Last weekend, J.Period hit L.A. for Game 2 of the NBA Finals and a studio session with Somalian-born MC, K'NAAN, to finish recording for their upcoming mixtape, "The Messengers"!! Join us for a behind-the-scenes peek at this groundbreaking new project, featuring J.Period Remixes of 3 of history's most powerful musical messengers... Fela Kuti... Bob Marley... and Bob Dylan! Yeah, you heard right. Beware... the game is changing...!!

Piff Herrera the emcee from Cali/ San Diego. I've been talkin about this cat before and I will for certain keep this blog updated with Piff Herrera music indeed! New music will come very soon so don't sleep on this cat. Check out this song 'Get in my belly ft Makeshift' Yes that Makeshift who previously just dropped his Mixtape NO DOZE which is hella nice you can find it here on the blog for free download.

Piff Herrera Ft. Makeshift - Get In My Belly

U-N-I was in Sweden! Yup there's where I live! NBS caught them for a brief moment to talk about their tour
and of course what they think of sweden,check it out. Im pissed I missed it BUT Thurzday told me they will do revisit soon tho in Gothenburg ( my town) i'll cross my fingers. Be on the look out for 'the land of the kings remix ft. Bun B' also for the Video comin out very soon!

Apple Juice remind all of you this in case u been sleepin, NOT OK.
Dope project from sweden and it's supa dupa good! So, this is a sweet project called Hygher Baby consisting the wonderful soul artist Melo on the keys & vocals & PURE P (former member of Up Hygh) on the boards. The album is called 'Let Me Play U Something U Have Never Heard' and dropped this mars 09. Its available on Itunes! Show them some love, and lisent to the music it's much recommended, cd is on repeat in my house!

Producer/rapper Pure P who was one half of the hiphop duo Up Hygh that recieved a major buzz in 2006 among big names like ?uestlove (The Roots), Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest) & Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1) due to their debut album release. Up Hygh worked with a big mix of internationally known vocalists during thier 3 years together, and even got to remix artists like Bill Withers and Lemar. In that period of time they also did a lot of work with the multi talanted singer Melo which often resulted in classic material such as the song "Get Out My Face". Melo has been involved in a vast amount of projects and releases with producers such as Rasmus Faber, Bugz In The Attic and Simbad. Since Up Hygh's split up in 2006 Pure P and Melo decided to do create something different from their previous work and go for a solid R&B record. And that is exactly what they have done. The album "Let Me Play U Something U Have Never Heard" gives you a soulful shower of strong melodies, warm synthpads, filtered samples and funky bass-lines. The true definition of music from the soul.

Hygher Baby- Won't Get That (From Me)

A true pop icon & for 'good' or 'bad' a hero in my eyes - Once 'Bad' dropped I wanted to be cool like him and rock that leather jacket like he did. May he rest in peace with the legends upon the sky and let's keep on playin the music forever. Rest in Peace.

Unique style, hella nice flow and just mad dope HIP HOP. It ain't no need to say more about the music let it speak for it self! Check out the leak from the upcomin LP produced by OH NO! Also the free EP.

Chaotik has been working diligently on his debut album with 2 of hip-hop's west coast greats... OH NO THE DISRUPT & DJ Romes (of the LOOTPACK)!!!!!! The album entitled "Subliminal Substance LP" features appearances from heavyweights such as M.E.D, Declaime, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Team Get Em (Oh No & Roc C) and many More. Completely Produced by Oh NO, the album is the becoming of Chaotik... it contains some of his 1st ever recordings, and you can hear the growth of Chaotik Kojima within its songs... this joint will surely bring Substance back to Hip-Hop!!!

Chaotik Stylz - Single off the Debut Album "The Subliminal Substance LP"..Sorrow (Ft. Declaime)

Here is a free EP from Chaotik check it out while we wait.. for The subliminal sublstance LP!
Download the Chaotik EP

This is Daniel Drumz and this guy flip' some steeze..Beatmaker from Poland, Europe gettin it!
Previously launched Electric Relaxation & now the sequal vol 2! Mmm!
Check out these sites.Myspace &
Thanks to Louis Fly

Fav flava is out today! Im really exictied about this, since im a big fan of ERIK L and his mad talented gift to always drop ill beats & Strays beautiful vocals, which in this world is very rare! Stray rules the nu-soul scene in sweden right now along with Kissey! If ur curious about more godness out of
europe/sweden you shouldn't sleep on this release. I give it 5 /5 applesjuice, beacuse this LP represent all my flavors!
If there is one thing the world (and particularly the music business) needs right now, it is people that have the courage to challenge stereotypes. The duo Favorite Flava from Sweden has the intention to do just that and they are determined to get their message out. Favorite Flava's work is groundbreaking, blending influences like Miles Davis, Detroit hip hop and the Nordic folk/jazz music tra
dition. This is drum heavy soul music played straight from the heart with a generous amount of earthy rawness and analog electronics. On top of that a unique tonal language going back to the classical Nordic composers via Swedish folk music to jazz legends Jan Johansson and Lars Gullin. Favorite Flava consists of two individuals: Erik L (Erik Lidén), producer and multi-instrumentalist & Stray(Mattias Axelsson), drummer, producer and singer, has recently released his critically acclaimed album Here To Stray along with a 12” and 7” single, also involved in this project with Paul Mc Innes,Hannah & Caroline. So if you're ready to challenge your perspective on the arts and music check out Favorite Flava. They will raise the hair on your skin.

buy here!!

The very Karriem Riggins love this guy, so many talents....just beautiful to see. Check it. Check tour info..damn I wish I was in US now.

Kinda funny song, Pac div back with a new video for the song The Mayor from the upcomin LP Church Leauge Champions Blendtape!

They've been talking about it for a minute, but Pac Div's Church League Champions Blendtape should be coming soon. The tape will lead in to their debut LP, Grown Kids Syndrome, scheduled to drop later this year. All the hold ups are more than likely due to Pac Div's electoral campaign, as their new video "The Mayor" shows.

Shouts to

Hey there, this is a video.. made to reach out even more. I today have a lot of readers and I would like to say thank's for all the support. This blog will keep on growin' and I couldn't have done it without your help really tho! Music has always been my passion in life and I will keep updatin' til' the day I get sick of it! (never). Anyways back to the video, this video was made for promotional my readers share it..put it up on your blog's / sites any kind of support counts! Get at me by mail and let me know!

Apple Juice Break session

7 track EP
compiled by Jay Scarlett & Onur Engin of the new label called Ubeat Records, which features beatmakers such as Reggie B, Erik L, Busy ,Morpheground & more. This is a really great collection of talented producers. Don't miss out & and be on the lookout daily beacause there will be more freshness comin' out of that label.

Here is the first of a series of eps that will gladly see the light of day from artists from Italy to Philly, San Diego to Sweden. The sound of raw untapped energetic soundscape beat music is here for all to get to grips with. Get ready to explore the new vision of unquantized beats along with luscious melodies.

With the massive new wave of technological driven beat conductors reaching a critical mass music connoisseurs Jay Scarlett and Onur Engin will unleash the all encompassing Maverick sessions Vol. 1, featuring synth laden production by the likes, Reggie B, the project has been released through Ubeat Records



Her like me a big fan of Kissey Asplund, Me like Kissey probably a fan of M64! This is pure dopeness beautiful vocals nu-soul mixed with hip hop. I just love it! And it's now availabe!!

Ragen Fykes - "Ebonics"

“Rhythm Of The Drum” b/w “In The Pocket”, which is being released on Record Breakin’ Music as a limited edition 7″ single as well as a digital download. Keep an eye out for M64 as they’re currently working on a full length album which is set to drop later this year.

'a collaboration between MC/producer Ohmega Watts and singer Ragen Fykes. You may know Ohmega from his albums “The Find” (2005) and “Watts Happening” (2007) on Ubiquity Records. In turn you may have heard of Ragen through her work with artists such as Living Legends, Braille, Tanya Morgan and DJ Jamad & Nicolay'

Shout to for the update-

Beacuse it's my birthday Illa J dedicate this song to me. haha anyway - also creative as his brother was..It runs in the family..check this out..Illa J hit the keys with beautiful vocals.

Emcee Zilla Rocca and producer Douglas Martin sure cooked up a classic LP right here, and the best part about it, it’s free! This is a great album by 5'0 clock shadowboxers, with it own sounds they amaze my mind.
That old sound,being inspired of 70's to MF DOOM, Wu-tang and may I hear some Beatles influence? They describe their sound as Grimy, guttural, sample-based hip-hop, prone to psychedelic freak-outs and incredible lyrical outbursts. I can't more than agree.
Go and check it out..Do not sleep.

Download it for free..

Download it free...

This is a re-up attendet just beacause its dope. I don't care about it aint the newest' this is Snack Pack VOL.2 Series...check it if u missed it!
This freestyle is raw.

Elaquent is back at it again with dope beats vs DOPE artist! With yet another yummy follower in the 'in Color'' sequal he gives you, 'In Color Vol.3'! This is not some random stuff this is real good so don't sleep on it.

Download its for free!

Elaquent- Settin The Pace ft. On5th Coalition and Self Lion

John Westbrook Jr, a rapper known as Stik Figa also nominated for the 2009 Pitch Award. With the song Caked Up goes hard. I like this cat right here, down with one of my favorite rapper Oddisee they up with the track 'Whats Crazy' ft stik figa/ J-LIVE. If u haven't heard it yet. Check it out on Stik Figas myspace.

Stik Figa - Caked Up ft Ron Ron

My friend PCASSO hit me up with this video also his first directed video why not check it out! Purty funny stuff! Homeboy Sandman is the name by the way.

Word from PCASSO-
'Recently, the world renowned RIDES MAGAZINE did a article on Sand. This is a huge accomplishment, and its a dope article! Check it out HERE. Sand was given the opportunity to record a song and I shot the video for it. This is technically the first video that I filmed, directed and edited'

Hassaan Mackey im a big fan of him. This cat got some ill rhyming in the bag and great songs. 'War' is a deep song, produced by the one and only Kev Brown.. Check it.

Hassaan Mackey finds his freedom behind bars. His sharp freestyling skills parallel a witty, insightful mind. He pours his heart over beats as he takes us through a journey of his life through inquisition, cynicism, and a spiritual mind that sells his knowledge of self and undoubted sense of purpose. “Soul for Sale”, his latest work, is a priceless tale that is the culmination of a man still standing despite his life’s endless shortcomings, ranging from tragic deaths to the harsh reality of urban living, which he encountered at an early age. An emcee-in-discovery walked the city streets of Rochester, NY as a youth, finding familiarity and comfort in music. The introvert was exposed heavily to an eclectic blend of soul music in all genres. More so through circumstances than choice, Hassaan was being groomed for the better side of life. Diving into music and more noteably, Hip-Hop, he escaped through the headphones with influences such as Tribe, Cyprus Hill, Common and Pharcyde.

Hassaan Mackey - War Pro Kev Brown

The swedish singer Stray and the MC Cerebral Vortex on the EP called 'Kitty Kat Kaboodle'! Stray with his beautiful vocals, soulful way and Cerebral Vortex raw rappin' creates a dope collabo and a yea a lovely track! Go check out for yourself.

Stray & Celebral Vortex on Never Fall In Love

Illingsworth from the group Detroit CYDI, Produced these great beats.
Also check out if you haven't 'The Rhyming Dictionary' album here.
<a href="">01 DOC by Illingsworks</a>

Purty dope song, here is the video for it!Oh yea also This track gets nominated for the best beat of 09' award! Peep it.

Im proud to feature this piece, Erik L is just one supertalented guy. Love this EP.

Erik L has worked with artists like: Stray, Kissey Asplund, Frank n Dank, Illa J, Que.D, Supersci, Sene, Co$$ (Ca$hu$ king), Blu, Cerebral Vortex, Rep Life and Merit Hemmingson just to name a few..

Swedish producer Erik L grew up in a musical family and was at an early age introduced to jazz music by his father. As a kid he started playing the drums and later on taught himself to play various instruments before he started making hip hop beats in 1998.

His new project with stray 'Flava' will be out 25th june.Oh yea one day after my birthday too.

From the upcomin' Album Favorite Flava by Erik L and Stray! Hella dope! haha and oh..the animated cartoon show Mumin? haha. Stay daily for more ERIK L and Stray on this blog.

I got this Project called 'The Rhyming Dictionary' in my inbox today from the very member of Detroit CYDI, Illingsworth.
Their current project The Rhyming Dictionary', one half produced by Illingsworth, and the other produced by Erik L
A producer from Sweden, Oh yea Sweden? Dope! And dude got mad talent. Erik L has worked with Sene, Frank n Dank, Cerebral Vortex and a host of others. This project is mighty much dope! Soulful hip hop with tight beats.... what more...Download it!

Who are they?
Two geniuses from the tough streets of Joy Road and Six Mile (or McNichols if you're not down) in Detroit, Michigan have teamed up with the greatest producer Detroit has to offer in Doc Illingsworth to make the best music the world has ever known.

For those who may not know...

Detroit, CYDI means "Detroit, Can You Dig It?!"


Detroit CYDI - Front Back ft. Neens ( prod. Erik L )

SelfSays hit me up with this production he made for the group 'I Heart Lung' called
I Heart Lung - Interoceans I (Self Says Remix with Express Fresh). Purty fresh song I haven't heard of 'I heart Lung' before but this song goes hard. Express Fresh rhyming and flow is pure bueno.

I Heart Lung - Interoceans I (Self Says Remix with Express Fresh)

Hype song and purty dope video! Spotted at

Straight out of from Germany comes this piece of dopness!
I been checkin out all the Suff Daddy stuff for awhile and as they bring quality beats quality raps we featured the song 'Look Of Stuff'.
Its just that DOPE. Play the preview. Check here for more music, also check out their Myspace

Lead single from Snob Scrilla’s debut album DAY ONE.

3 tracks one EP with three MC's in the NYC formed group CVEES.

Fall in love with this wonderful Hip-Hop EP from the Harlem NYC group called CVEES. Three different mcees, three different styles, one sound. A sound like no other.

Cvees - Spread Love to ya (audio)

Download the ep for free

Thanks to Cratemagazine for gettin me up on this. Monday Jazz uploads random beatmixed rawed up jazzy,rapish,great and enormous joints every monday. Harrison Blakoldman did this delicious beatmix and we decided to put up our to favorite beats out of this beat collection. Check it out.

Download beat 1

Download beat 2

Newness from Soulstice, do not sleep.

Chicago emcee SoulStice pairs up with Belgian beatmaker, SBe to deliver this groundbreaking “international concept album.” The songs feature SoulStice alongside talented artists from around the world including the US, UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Mozambique, The Congo, and Canada. While the album seeks primarily to entertain, it also captures the thoughts and experiences of these artists and explores themes ranging from the war in Afghanistan and the refugee situation in Sudan to social issues like interracial marriage. “Beyond Borders” is a reminder that hip hop continues to be a mouthpiece for people who exist outside of the mainstream to make their voices heard throughout society and around the world.


So everynow and then I find great artist from Cali. Its something about that Cali! SPEAK a MC from yea you guessed it CALI, gives us the really beuno EP 'The Kite Flyers'.I just lisent through it, and once again I got hyped about a Cali artist this time the one called SPEAK. Soulful hip hop / jazzy/ Funk.
Now you get into it.

Download the ep

Check out more VerBS stuff here

Mr. Kev Brown with a new song from the upcoming album 'Random Joints' comin this fall, spotted at Putmeonit!

always been a fan of Kev Brown and I have always admired his laid back storytelling way. Kev brown always bring quality so I got purty hyped when I saw this. 'Random Joints' matched my expectation how about your's?

Download the track

VerBS the MC from Cali/ Culver city dropped this EP called 'The BUZZ' for free this month. The EP contains six songs, VerBS and Intuition ( from L.A ) join forces and make this EP a bueno collaboration. The Buzz' EP have guests such as Dibiase, Equalibrum, Alpha MC, Aspect 1 and Fudd burton ! With an outstanding production lineup like that they make a dope EP.

"EP is bound to turn some heads and, dare we say, create a buzz."

download the EP

GoldieLocks from UK / London with 'Fuckabout' and her smooth voice goes over some electro sound beats just great music, I digg' the track hard. Shouts to
Mark Pritchard on the production you just can’t go wrong. After “Wind It Up” he manages to rip sh*t up once more with “Fuckabout” from the RBMA’s Various Assets 2008 CD. Don’t forget to check out the Wandering Feet Episode 4 HERE!

Goldielocks myspace

Yet another dope stuff from europe, Amsterdam. Here we have Nation Of Elzi.
Been bumpin this free download-able EP called ' Earth Like Zion Is' for awhile and figured I should feature this beacus this is pure dope stuff. So show support to Nation Of Elzi and download their new EP Now,Today,Right this minute,Now.

Get to know them:
The Nation of Elzi is the newest hip hop formation to come out of Amsterdam.
They are not just one out of many, but the first English rapping Dutch hip hop formation that make music in the neo Hip Hop style. International legends such as Pete Rock, Mos Def, and the men of Slum Village precede them. But now, through the likes of the Nation of Elzi, Neo-HipHop has set foot on Dutch soil.

The group consists out of 3 members who are all producers. Two of the members, Rome & Profetic call themselves the MC’s of the group where as Dangarus. C, has found his groove at the turntables. The Nation of Elzi started in May 2008 under the guidance of Studio West, and are currently finishing up 2 tracks that will be used to promote their EP which comes out in May 2009.
Urban terms such as: hip hop, laidback and soul will soon be mentioned in one breath when people talk about the Nation of Elzi. As luck would have it, the Nation of Elzi got off to a good start and undoubtedly they will take over a large part of the hip hop scene


Leave a comment let Elzi know what you think!

So i copped the New Classics mixtape by Cook Classics some month's ago, today I bumped into this video of Tunji of Inverse doing a bit of high quality freestyle while being in the studio workin with Cook Classic for the mixtape. Check check.

I been listen to Alliance Crew for a while and they are a dope rap duo.
The first album I heard with Alliance crew was 'Don't know how to exist' which pure bueno real down to earth hip hop. 'Keep it moving' is my favorite track of that album even though' every track is freakin' dope.Now they just dropped their new album called 'Gequence Sunday Lounge' which is a Free instrumental album made in only 6 days! Show support to the Alliance crew from Oregon!

The Alliance Crew is a Northwest Hip-hop group based out of Oregon. Its cofounders, G Force and Rapsodee P., were long time friends before starting the group in 1999. Nine years later and with the addition of DJ Celsius they're sound has continued to expand and mature to the embodiment of a solid Hip-hop trio. With G Force's professional production and unique flow, DJ Celsius's scratching expertise which have gained attention from the likes of such heavy weights as D-styles, and Rapsodee P.'s wordplay and recognition as veteran lyricist, the trio has begun commanding respect throughout the northwest.

Info about the new album by Alliance Crew;

Let me make this short and sweet. We made this instrumental album over the span of 6 days. We copped many records while digging, sifted through hundreds of samples while listening, and chose only a handful to punch in through the MPC. We smoked a ton of weed too lol, but we had mad fun chillin out and vibing to ideas. This was a collaboration between two cats who put music above everything else in their lives. We spent 6 days total making beats and ended up with 19 instrumentals by the end of it. After narrowing it down to 11 tracks we linked up with G Forces ultra dope older brother, DJ Celsius, who laced our joints for that final touch.

The instrumentals on Sunday Lounge were meant to be bumped. We didn’t have time to track out the mpc and fine tune the levels and mixing. Some sound great while others are on some rougher wu-tang style why-did-you-release-it-like-that shit. But you know what? It’s ALL good. We still wanted to share what we came up with no holds barred. With that said, hang up your ipod headphones for this one and turn up the subs. For a 6 day collaboration session, we had a lot of fun and hope you all enjoy.

Gequence Sunday Lounge

Kissey Asplund goes over the radiohead track 'Creep' and make her own version over it. I am a fan of that song with Radiohead which is such a emotional song. Kissey Asplund just shot it with pure emotions from her heart. Oh may! She does this SO soulful song amazing, her beautiful voice is like smooth butter over that piano.

Download it!

Dj Seano hit me up through mail with this funk mix with all these goodies, non-stop music for an hour long, yea true' 60 minutas! Download it and check it out sit back relax as he mix you this journey through good music.

Seano is a DJ from Pasadena!

Another track from Buff1 go ahead and check it out. I loved it. Shit is pure bueno!!

download track here

Dope stuff right here! Lisent and enjoy the tracks, they are like fluid love, drink it up! One more thing, It's for for free.


Since 1997, MuAmin Collective has been moving their sound politics around underground communities and yo' mama's house. Made up of MC/poet Zion and producer/MC aLIVE, Muamin Collective has been serving the public with that raw shit. The collective has shared stages with classic hip-hop acts De La Soul, Pete Rock & The Coup and a diverse group of artists that range from R&B/soul in Conya Doss, to Punk Rock: This Moment In Black History and everything in between: Van Hunt. The diversity of influences equates to a diversity listeners that stradles the globe as well generations. It soul without the neo, but golden for a new era. It's more than the Industry Standard, it's aLiVEmUSic! We're on some "rust belt buckle and boot strap, all hand claps and bare knuckles, Dusty 45's, rusty factories, and blustery winters: It's called Lake Effect and there is snow in the forcast. Storm fronts at the store fronts and no grills or frills, just real talk. Accept this offering as a Gift for the muse, the Red, Black and Blues and the green between. Give these vibrations a home of Understanding, Cee US and know it' OnEWaY an that's UP. We live in a Totalitarian State. Get the Total Experience. Recorded by: Chris Urminski (Subtracked Studios)


I love these two guys...And I can't wait for more Inverse!!

Inverse gives you an insider's tour of the finer restaurants that populate the City of Angels such as Tito’s Tacos and IN-N-OUT Burger, all while shedding some light on their backstory. As Los Angeles brims with the talented new voices it’s inspired, Inverse takes the lead and treats us to a set of fresh acapellas. If you like what you hear, cop theSo True EP on iTunes or Amazon and support independent artists.

Once again more Snap!
of kinetikcinematix

"I gotta fight my desires, they outta hand. It's like Im flying a vessel blindfolded trying to land. But Im a man..."

Check the next single from Snap (of The Niyat) called "Lust" (Produced by Snap) from his upcoming "Pivotal Moments" EP.

Filmed by Wraithe for Kinetik CInematix. 2009.

Hoodie Allen and Apple Juice Break are purty cool, today my friends Hoodie Allen just hit me up with this song "Make The Whole World" off the mixtape tenatively titled " Love, Money, and Other Unattainable Goals". Its an unfinished demo but hella heavy I just keep on gettin' more impressed about these guy's. The beat, the song is fresh and I just can't wait for more stuff!

Download 'Make The Whole World'

Shawn Jackson 'Feelin Jack'... it's just something magic about that song.
Classic already in my ears, thats why I don't need to go further and keep telling you why this song is featured in our 'WE LOVE' section! To show our love to this song and Shawn Jackson, We decided to give you this download cus if you haven't heard and slept on Shawn Jackson its about damn time you wake up.

Shawn Jackson - "First of All..." Buy!
New Jack Hustle Sound Check Lp Buy!

Feelin' Jack Free Download by Apple Juice Break.

This is some real hype stuff.You might remember us postin the video 'Star Struck' which was a super nicely done fan video of Naledge's song. Here is some stuff which I am really exicited about.
So since 'Star struck' was really dope song,You might have to check this one out -OUREARPLUGS

Liked the songs and even though' some songs goes harder and some track are OK its a tasteful tape, for one Cool Relax ft Jay electronica, Lovin Ya Life goes haaarrrd.
'Chicago Picasso' is a good check out and the songs makes u get deeper in it as the times fly by. Had this album up on my ipod today and I was really excited about hearing it! Played it as i went through my city downtown and I must say it licked my ears purty good (how that sounds)?.
Still tho' my favorite song is Star Struck!

check comments....!!


<a href="">Little Things by SelfSays</a>
This is just so incredible, SelfSays album 'Something out of nothing'.
I sat down this evening and bumped through this for like the 11th time and it has been like that for
the past week. This is some really nice rap from Detroit and its for free, so go with apple juice break and check out the pick of the week: SelfSays ' Something out of nothing'!


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