Hassaan Mackey im a big fan of him. This cat got some ill rhyming in the bag and great songs. 'War' is a deep song, produced by the one and only Kev Brown.. Check it.

Hassaan Mackey finds his freedom behind bars. His sharp freestyling skills parallel a witty, insightful mind. He pours his heart over beats as he takes us through a journey of his life through inquisition, cynicism, and a spiritual mind that sells his knowledge of self and undoubted sense of purpose. “Soul for Sale”, his latest work, is a priceless tale that is the culmination of a man still standing despite his life’s endless shortcomings, ranging from tragic deaths to the harsh reality of urban living, which he encountered at an early age. An emcee-in-discovery walked the city streets of Rochester, NY as a youth, finding familiarity and comfort in music. The introvert was exposed heavily to an eclectic blend of soul music in all genres. More so through circumstances than choice, Hassaan was being groomed for the better side of life. Diving into music and more noteably, Hip-Hop, he escaped through the headphones with influences such as Tribe, Cyprus Hill, Common and Pharcyde.

Hassaan Mackey - War Pro Kev Brown


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