AJB features this very creative group that goes by the name of S.T.I.C.S, this is actually their very first first music video for the track called "Apocalips". We're really feeling this, and the graphics and animations in the video is just pure amazing, so good work!

S.T.I.C.S joined forces in the idle summer of 2004. In merging their four different cultural backgrounds (Denmark, Sweden, Bosnia & Zanzibar) and musical influences. They united and decided to bring new music and notions instead of nuisance through utilising their perception of today’s reality.

What makes S.T.I.C.S such an interesting group of individuals is that they divert against the normal conception of what modern hihop & soul is. With no borders or limits to what music should contain, they bring forth an independent sound, with a main focus on lyrical content, and creativity that surpasses the norm. With a sound of melodic acoustic soul that also branches out to the realm of spokenword, poetry and rap, S.T.I.C.S are a part of a new generation that prioritises the development of music and meaning. They also displayed their lyrical competences by achieving a first place in the triathlon genre of the National Swedish Poetry Slam Championships in 2007, making their mark beyond the realm of music.

Apple Juice break giving you a little heads up on "Called Understandable Souls" from Sweden, Gothenburg, they got some really heavy productions twisted around in a fresh way. They just released their EP "Black" for free so we wanna give you a little insight!

Called Understandable Souls was formed in the year of 2004, the duo RIEL & Knowledge Quality took off their first musical step of Organic Hip-Hop influenced by the golden age, as they explain themselves.

During the time they made their first productions and recordings, they found themselves in the middle of transition to the era of Electronic Hip-Hop, which encouraged their technical elevation of musical style with the additional of electronic synths and sound.

Even when you could hear these guys being influenced by Funk, Soul and progressive electronic music, their love for Jazz has been the clear essential element of their musical existence.

Untitled - Crash Theme

Seven Day, been featured on AJB several times, now they just released their EP "Concepts" on bandcamp for free, so lend it your ear for some laid back hip hop. It has features such as california based emcee Versis.

<a href="http://sevenday.bandcamp.com/album/concepts">Concepts (Introlude) by Seven Day</a>

Black Milk newness outta twitter - "Don Cornelius" which is not on the Album, real nice track & download is for free. YUM YUM!

<a href="http://blackmilk.bandcamp.com/track/don-cornelius">Don Cornelius by Black Milk</a>

A little bit of Quadron never goes wrong here's the official video for the song "Buster Keaton"!

from Quadron just sent me this solo project a week ago, this is his upcomin record which will be dropped exclusivly by Rush Hour. This is a real experimental project and he wanted to play around with his own vocals and make his own very sound - AND wow what a fantastic job, for me being a huge fan Quadron (Coco & Robin) this is just amazing and beautiful. So make sure to get this you can actually pre-order right now here.

Bobby is the brainchild from Robin Hannibal a songwriter/producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. Who's also the founding member of numerous other projects, including Owusu & Hannibal (Ubiquity), Boom Clap Bachelors (Music For Dreams), Parallel Dance Ensemble (Permanent Vacation) and Quadron (Plus Research). But this one is entirely done by himself.

Robin Hannibal - Voltaire

Robin Hannibal - Amends

Let us introduce you to, Aries Connection which is a Virginia based group featuring previously featured Bobby Blunt on the vocals and Steve Cife on production.

This EP is a beautiful blend of genres that seem to come together with each song.
This EP represents the growth of the group both musically and as individuals. From their first two unofficially released albums, "We've Been Waitin'" and Soundwaves" this EP carries a vibe and so much more. If u haven't heard this stuff already is really worth a check out!

<a href="http://ariesconnection.bandcamp.com/album/the-vibes-and">All I Wanna Do by Aries Connection</a>

Swede:art is about to drop his debut album via Tokyo Dawn, this is a heavy album called "Emotional Color" which is being released June 23rd, AJB got a lisent through this amazing album and I can't say nothing but congrats on this great work! Peep out the feature song from the album below!

From boombap to boogie and beyond, this album has it all! Influences from modern techno and 90s hiphop melt into unorthodox funk, subbass staccatos, saw tooth wave attacks and colorful bleep action in slow motion. In short, 'Emotional Colors' is a must for the passionate space traveler.

Guest artists on the album include Duktus, Note, Pursuit Grooves, Stray, Blaktroniks, Caits Meissner and Comfort Fit.

You Live forever ft. Duktus


Akello Light gives us this free goodies, a EP named "To Hanes Mall", a real laid back vibe peep it out for yourself! yum!

Demo Sessions 1:
"Winston-Salem producer 9th Wonder and creative artist Akello Light expands LOVE on this short side project.
This is something to ride around to while visiting the Triad, NC. So beautiful it be.

<a href="http://akellolight1.bandcamp.com/album/to-hanes-mall">Do You Mind ( Letter To Rachel True) by Akello Light</a>

Producer Boom Baptist is back with a little remix peep it out, The dope cover art is made by Boom Baptist aswell.

Boom Baptist;"Here is my new remix of a classic."

<a href="http://boombaptist.bandcamp.com/album/simon-says-boombaptist-remix-12-single">Simon Says (BoomBaptist Remix) by BoomBaptist</a>

Apple Juice break is proud to present you this guest mix from Joe Kay, this is a heavy tracklist blended into a nice mix, feel it out for yourself and get into it, BEAUTIFUL!
You'd be amazed of the selection peep out the tracklist here, AJB been bumpin this several times now!

Joe kay says; "it's a mixture of new and old... just feel good music..I named this mix: S O U L E C T I O N"

Artwork: AJB

AJB Present : Joe Kay - "S o u l e c t i o n" Mix by applejuicebreak

AFTA-1 X GAS'D has previously released four "Love Is Real" volumes which has been nothing but amazing, after a while since launch of VOL.4 it's time to get ready for Love Is Real VOL 5.
The amazing music in the video is by the talented danish duo Quadron with the track 'Day'. AJB featured Quadron last summer peep out the feature here.

What else is new is that in a near future, theres is going to be a AJB x GAS'D drop with nothing but exclusive tracks, with artist such as AFTA-1, Hubert Daviz ...the rest is a secret..for now.

AJB present you another T.Hemingway exclusive, this is a track he made with California emcee Versis. This is actually the first public track ever with these two cats! What also is new is that we would like to give you a heads up on Versis new project that he currently working and almost the whole album is produced by T.Hemingway, so just get the vibes of this fresh track called "Slow Down" and it's up to you to figure out how the upcoming record will sound!

AJB - T.Hemingway - Slow Down ft. Versis by applejuicebreak

Mishoo The Drumkit just hit us up with this awesome track Produced by Stevo, this is just super laid back and the flow is the same, just right thing to bump to set your mind on ease. Go and buy this joint and support some good music!

The song titled "Still Calling You", is a remix of "The Call". "The Call" was originally produced by Hub Daviz and was part of the Born in The Land Of A Thousand Hills EP (Available at www.mishoothedrumkit.com ). "Still Calling You" was produced by Stevo. It includes Shout outs and is meant to be played in your car's sound system after work.

<a href="http://mishoothedrumkit.bandcamp.com/track/still-calling-you-the-call-remix">Still Calling You (The Call Remix) by Mishoo The Drumkit</a>

Back from London town we got this very dope awaited album in our inbox, Freddie Joachim's "A.M", and its absolutly free how dope isn't that?! So here it is, Mellow Orange (SF) & Organology (LA/SD) present the second installment of instrumental downloads, 'A.M.' produced and arranged by Freddie Joachim (Organology)!

<a href="http://melloworange.bandcamp.com/album/mellow-orange-organology-presents-a-m">Mist by Mellow Orange Music</a>

One of our very favorites Quadron, yes we're talking about the danish duo consisting of Coco and Robin, here they perform the final song from their self-titled debut “Herfra Hvor Vi står” during an LA jam session. This is one is a personal favorite!

Yeah, tomorrow May 15th is the launch party of Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break project Oscillations. Peep this awesome night, by this promo video! See you there at CAMP London town!

One of our favorite blogs Put Me On It present you Oddisee's "Odd Spring", which is the fourth and final installment of Oddisee's season-themed download series. The intro "The Blooming" was actually made outside a couple of weeks ago and the whole album is inspired by and designed to provide a soundtrack to Spring.

Oddisee keeps making great music and this installment just shows the skills this man got in his bag. This is absolutly free and 100% good music so get it now here

<a href="http://oddisee.bandcamp.com/album/odd-spring">The Blooming by oddisee</a>

AJB features yet another dope group, they go by the name SMOKE SCREEN, they are a duo from Cleveland Ohio! What we can say is that they simply stand out a bit and their sound cathes ur ear. U'll see what we mean once you hit the play button! Look out for the upcomin Smoke Screen release, their new LP entitled "Imagination Beyond Illustration" drops next friday.

Peep out the track called "Melodies Of Silouhette", a real heavy but laid back beat we wanted to share with AJB readers!

SMOKE SCREEN - Melodies of a Silouhette by applejuicebreak

Mellow Orange is about to launch Freddie Joachim's album, yes talented California based producer. Meanwhile peep out this little teaser video for this awesome project - more info soon!

California emcee Versis is back with a fresh track called "Gotta Love It" produced by J listed. As Versis keeps on bringing that heat you really can't do nothing but love it. So press play and just vibe with it! Yum!

Versis - Gotta Love It

Note from vtech:
Remixing Suite for Ma Dukes is a brave undertaking. Several producers and MCs at first accepted and then declined the job. In the end we think we got the right person. It is with great pleasure on the week of Mothers Day to release this remix. Done while mothering by none other than Georgia Ann Muldrow. This project began as an homage to one mothers love (Ma Dukes) and has now been remixed by another (Georgia) with her son Nokware in her lap. Two incredible women, one amazing track. Remixed.

Georgia who has done production for Erykah Badu, Mos Def and partner Dudley Perkins was an amazing person to watch at work. Her feel is so hers. She seemed so comfortable with the music. She insisted that she didn’t want to chop the song but to play along as if she was there in the Orchestra. We wanted her to sing on the track too but her microphone was in the shop for repairs – so on my suggestion she sang the vocals into the lavalier tie clip mic that we used to capture sound for the video.

This remix and the two others we have released here: Te’Amir and Jneiro will be available on a Timeless Remixed EP this Summer.

Enjoy. Turn it up.

Download Untitled/Fantastic Remixed: Georgia Anne Muldrow featuring Nokware.

Jesse Boykins III is back with a new amazing video to a oh so amazing song, yeah here is the official video for "Amorous" Enjoy! Directed by Dr. Woo !

"‎​​I am a reawakening of the Romantic Movement ; an observer of Love and the Power it holds. So when given the opportunity to document my priceless experiences and connect them with moments in melody I've captured, I am humbled. Amorous is my appreciation for the relationship and the magic it holds between two people. The essence of a bond and its affect on its environment for the better. Special thanks to London for its environment and the Lovers that shared their intimacy. The Beauty Created."

A massive sweet little joint fro Robot Koch, just look at how dope the artwork is! Press play and just enjoy! Robot Koch always brings the heat!

Listen to them fade by robot koch

To celebrate the recent release and phenomenal success of Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 1 & 2, We're pleased to announce that there will be an Oscillations launch party in London on Saturday 15th May. Presented by Bridging The Gap and Man Make Music, the party will be at The City Arts & Music Project near Old Street (EC1Y 2BJ). DJing on the night will be Oscillations artists; Slugabed, Om Unit, Kidkanevil and Mr Beatnick, as well as Bridging The Gap and Man Make Music residents; Count Chocula, Toot Sweet, The Fat C, Another Amit and Sketchy. Oh, and did we mention that entry is absolutely free?!

Things will kick off at 9pm and go on until 4am. Each person in attendance will get the opportunity to put their mitts on a limited edition Oscillations mix CD, mixed by Mr Beatnick. There are only 500 of these in existence and each one is hand numbered. Plus, in even more limited numbers, there’ll be A2 size collectable posters of the flyer artwork available to grab – as designed by the talented Ross Gunter. So, whether you end up leaving with good music in your head, a CD in your bag, a poster in your hand, or all of the above, it promises to be an amazing night!

All you Facebook users can find the Facebook event page here, and last fm users can find the last fm event page here. If you’re in London on the night of the 15th, I will expect to see you there – tell some friends too!

<a href="http://juslikemusicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/jus-like-music-apple-juice-break-present-oscillations-part-1">Block by Jus Like Music Records</a>
<a href="http://juslikemusicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/jus-like-music-apple-juice-break-present-oscillations-part-2">Roll Upon You Like XLII by Jus Like Music Records</a>

AJB features this cat called Boom Baptist whom is a Beat Fanatic member and this is his beat tape just out! Boom Baptist have previously worked with Nike on commercials and such artists as Large Pro, Termanology, Blackalicious, Bumpy Knuckles, Killah Priest, and more. Peep out this dopeish beat tape which also is a free download!

<a href="http://boombaptist.bandcamp.com/album/boombaptism-beat-tape-2010-archivist-records">Mario Jump Dilla by BoomBaptist</a>

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