Mishoo The Drumkit just hit us up with this awesome track Produced by Stevo, this is just super laid back and the flow is the same, just right thing to bump to set your mind on ease. Go and buy this joint and support some good music!

The song titled "Still Calling You", is a remix of "The Call". "The Call" was originally produced by Hub Daviz and was part of the Born in The Land Of A Thousand Hills EP (Available at www.mishoothedrumkit.com ). "Still Calling You" was produced by Stevo. It includes Shout outs and is meant to be played in your car's sound system after work.

<a href="http://mishoothedrumkit.bandcamp.com/track/still-calling-you-the-call-remix">Still Calling You (The Call Remix) by Mishoo The Drumkit</a>


  1. Onthebuzz  

    So fresh and mellow..

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