AJB features this very creative group that goes by the name of S.T.I.C.S, this is actually their very first first music video for the track called "Apocalips". We're really feeling this, and the graphics and animations in the video is just pure amazing, so good work!

S.T.I.C.S joined forces in the idle summer of 2004. In merging their four different cultural backgrounds (Denmark, Sweden, Bosnia & Zanzibar) and musical influences. They united and decided to bring new music and notions instead of nuisance through utilising their perception of today’s reality.

What makes S.T.I.C.S such an interesting group of individuals is that they divert against the normal conception of what modern hihop & soul is. With no borders or limits to what music should contain, they bring forth an independent sound, with a main focus on lyrical content, and creativity that surpasses the norm. With a sound of melodic acoustic soul that also branches out to the realm of spokenword, poetry and rap, S.T.I.C.S are a part of a new generation that prioritises the development of music and meaning. They also displayed their lyrical competences by achieving a first place in the triathlon genre of the National Swedish Poetry Slam Championships in 2007, making their mark beyond the realm of music.


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