AJB came across this so hype duo from Dennmark called Qaudron based of COCO & ROBIN. The music is a soulful/jazzy vibe with a touch of modern soul. One of the most best things about them is her voice -Just simply beautiful with a bit of reminder of
Corinne Bailey Rae and the beats fits it just perfect. In July 28th they released the album 'Quadron' - Buy it here.


Until recently, the name Quadron been unknown to the vast majority of radio listeners and music lovers, but in early May, the duo released "Slippin '" to the people as a digital single download, and since it has been in rotation on Danish National Radio P3 & P4 . Behind the name Quadron is singer Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj and musician / producer Robin Hannibal.

Both are part of the collective soul Boom Clap Bachelors who in early 2008 secured much respect and success with the debut "Kort Før Dine Læber". Here they began their collaboration, and Robin fell for Coco's beautiful voice and ability to improvise with playful ease.

Coco has, despite only beeing 21, already been ongoing for some years, where she beyond her role figure in front Boom clap bachelors' band,she also features lots of other Danish project. Robin Hannibal also has a long CV, counting collaboration with Nobody Beats The Beats, Aloe Blace, Omas Keith from SA-RA, Wallys Badarou from talking heads / level 42, Erick Sermon, Plant Life, Yamwho, Buraka As Sistema and has international super stars, as Pharrell Williams (Nerd) and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), declared themselves a fan of the other Robin Hannibal projects - Owusu & Hannibal Parallel and Dance Ensemble. addition, he is also in the group Non +, who have won P3's career cannon.

Quadrons stated goals with the debut is to provide the Danish soul scene a boost and provide an alternative to the U.S. inspired R'n'B. Quadron call their music and electronic soul, and aiming high to take advantage of mixing the sound of hand-played instruments with the benefits of today's computer-related techniques.

Quadron - Buster Keaton

Quadron - Pressure

Thanks to Ray Knowledge.


  1. Dena Sticky Flower  

    very nice post...love the Boom Clap Bachelors I will definitely have to add this to the collection! Thanks :)

  2. Anonymous  

    This album is A fuckin'+++. Had a friend order it for me from Denmark. My nose has been open on the Denmark sound since I stumbled across Owusu and Hannibal. I have kept my ear to the floor with them since then.
    Boom Clap album is dope ( make sure you find the track "Love". That shit is a monster). Look for Non+ Non P'ly too and the Parallel Dance Ensemble. And if you ain't that Owusu and Hannibal album you are really behind the ball. Go get it and while your at it, look for Little Dragon as well.

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