Dope stuff right here! Lisent and enjoy the tracks, they are like fluid love, drink it up! One more thing, It's for for free.


Since 1997, MuAmin Collective has been moving their sound politics around underground communities and yo' mama's house. Made up of MC/poet Zion and producer/MC aLIVE, Muamin Collective has been serving the public with that raw shit. The collective has shared stages with classic hip-hop acts De La Soul, Pete Rock & The Coup and a diverse group of artists that range from R&B/soul in Conya Doss, to Punk Rock: This Moment In Black History and everything in between: Van Hunt. The diversity of influences equates to a diversity listeners that stradles the globe as well generations. It soul without the neo, but golden for a new era. It's more than the Industry Standard, it's aLiVEmUSic! We're on some "rust belt buckle and boot strap, all hand claps and bare knuckles, Dusty 45's, rusty factories, and blustery winters: It's called Lake Effect and there is snow in the forcast. Storm fronts at the store fronts and no grills or frills, just real talk. Accept this offering as a Gift for the muse, the Red, Black and Blues and the green between. Give these vibrations a home of Understanding, Cee US and know it' OnEWaY an that's UP. We live in a Totalitarian State. Get the Total Experience. Recorded by: Chris Urminski (Subtracked Studios)



  1. jay!  

    best shit i've hear in a while thanks for this update!!!

  2. Anonymous  

    hey the link's dead, got another one?

  3. Anonymous  

    links dead pls share the love!

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