I been listen to Alliance Crew for a while and they are a dope rap duo.
The first album I heard with Alliance crew was 'Don't know how to exist' which pure bueno real down to earth hip hop. 'Keep it moving' is my favorite track of that album even though' every track is freakin' dope.Now they just dropped their new album called 'Gequence Sunday Lounge' which is a Free instrumental album made in only 6 days! Show support to the Alliance crew from Oregon!

The Alliance Crew is a Northwest Hip-hop group based out of Oregon. Its cofounders, G Force and Rapsodee P., were long time friends before starting the group in 1999. Nine years later and with the addition of DJ Celsius they're sound has continued to expand and mature to the embodiment of a solid Hip-hop trio. With G Force's professional production and unique flow, DJ Celsius's scratching expertise which have gained attention from the likes of such heavy weights as D-styles, and Rapsodee P.'s wordplay and recognition as veteran lyricist, the trio has begun commanding respect throughout the northwest.

Info about the new album by Alliance Crew;

Let me make this short and sweet. We made this instrumental album over the span of 6 days. We copped many records while digging, sifted through hundreds of samples while listening, and chose only a handful to punch in through the MPC. We smoked a ton of weed too lol, but we had mad fun chillin out and vibing to ideas. This was a collaboration between two cats who put music above everything else in their lives. We spent 6 days total making beats and ended up with 19 instrumentals by the end of it. After narrowing it down to 11 tracks we linked up with G Forces ultra dope older brother, DJ Celsius, who laced our joints for that final touch.

The instrumentals on Sunday Lounge were meant to be bumped. We didn’t have time to track out the mpc and fine tune the levels and mixing. Some sound great while others are on some rougher wu-tang style why-did-you-release-it-like-that shit. But you know what? It’s ALL good. We still wanted to share what we came up with no holds barred. With that said, hang up your ipod headphones for this one and turn up the subs. For a 6 day collaboration session, we had a lot of fun and hope you all enjoy.

Gequence Sunday Lounge


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