Yet another dope stuff from europe, Amsterdam. Here we have Nation Of Elzi.
Been bumpin this free download-able EP called ' Earth Like Zion Is' for awhile and figured I should feature this beacus this is pure dope stuff. So show support to Nation Of Elzi and download their new EP Now,Today,Right this minute,Now.

Get to know them:
The Nation of Elzi is the newest hip hop formation to come out of Amsterdam.
They are not just one out of many, but the first English rapping Dutch hip hop formation that make music in the neo Hip Hop style. International legends such as Pete Rock, Mos Def, and the men of Slum Village precede them. But now, through the likes of the Nation of Elzi, Neo-HipHop has set foot on Dutch soil.

The group consists out of 3 members who are all producers. Two of the members, Rome & Profetic call themselves the MC’s of the group where as Dangarus. C, has found his groove at the turntables. The Nation of Elzi started in May 2008 under the guidance of Studio West, and are currently finishing up 2 tracks that will be used to promote their EP which comes out in May 2009.
Urban terms such as: hip hop, laidback and soul will soon be mentioned in one breath when people talk about the Nation of Elzi. As luck would have it, the Nation of Elzi got off to a good start and undoubtedly they will take over a large part of the hip hop scene


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  1. dave  

    great ep, these guys are really damn dope!

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