I got this Project called 'The Rhyming Dictionary' in my inbox today from the very member of Detroit CYDI, Illingsworth.
Their current project The Rhyming Dictionary', one half produced by Illingsworth, and the other produced by Erik L myspace.com/flyeriklbeats.
A producer from Sweden, Oh yea Sweden? Dope! And dude got mad talent. Erik L has worked with Sene, Frank n Dank, Cerebral Vortex and a host of others. This project is mighty much dope! Soulful hip hop with tight beats.... what more...Download it!

Who are they?
Two geniuses from the tough streets of Joy Road and Six Mile (or McNichols if you're not down) in Detroit, Michigan have teamed up with the greatest producer Detroit has to offer in Doc Illingsworth to make the best music the world has ever known.

For those who may not know...

Detroit, CYDI means "Detroit, Can You Dig It?!"


Detroit CYDI - Front Back ft. Neens ( prod. Erik L )


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