Just as dope as Hearin' Aid sounds, also they make dope music!

Isn't that just great? Aaron Phiri & Damon Frost make Hearin' Aid complete, check out their raw hip hop style and beats and hear em' drop some rhymes. Myspace page.

Hearin' Aid were also 2005 winners of Sweden's prestigious P3 Gold Awards, HipHop/Soul category. In addition they are also Grammy and Manifest nominees in the above category for their critically acclaimed debut album, "The Boom Lucy".

About em:
Los Angeles born emcee/producer/drummer/faith healer Damon grew up in Hawaii, two kilometres from Mount Waialiali, coincidentally the wettest spot on the planet, and Berkley, home of the people's power hippie movement of the 70's, a few blocks from Fantasy Records! The Rubberbands dance career led him to Stockholm in 1986. Subsequently it is a career that has made him a respected and recognized figure in the street dance community the world over. He has toured with Jam on the Groove/Rocksteady and Sweden's most renowned street dance troupe, BouncE. Damon is also the 2004 winner of the famed Just Deboute street dance contest in "Popping". Little is known of how he makes his music, but sonically, it is said to resemble his dancing.

Self taught musician and lion tamer, Aaron was born in Lusaka, Zambia, the land that lends its name from the mighty Zambezi River, to a church deacon mother and a speech writer father! He migrated to England in the early 80's where a religious-like encounter with hip hops four elements made him gravitate toward emceeing. He was then teleported to Stockholm, Sweden in 1990 where he was signed to WEA, while only a cherub! He earned himself a formidable reputation as a prolific freestyle emcee/songwriter and chalked up nominations for best newcomer in 1991's now defunct Siljemark Awards as well as a Nöjesguidens Stockholms Pris for best live act in 1997, with 3 Pieces of a Puzzle and Boogaloo respectively. His notoriety led him to introduce a rap curriculum in a Swedish high school, in 2000, where he has been, and is still edutaining. He was also nominated for penning "Love Dat" with labelmates Up Hygh, in Gilles Petersons 2005 Worldwide Awards, "Song of the Year" category.

Hearin' Aid - Fwyip ( The club banga )


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