A Cat Called Fritz is DOPE, this monday he put this down this tape on Mondayjazz.com ( fantastic site) You got to love it, lisent and love. A Cat Called Fritz is from France and he put this shit down! Ah oui oui!

word of mondayjazz:
Mondayjazz mix No. 95 A Tape Called Mondayjazz Mix mixed by A Cat Called Fritz. Basically it is pure hip-hop compilation. But in the frame of genre it's quite various aspects. You can find some instrumental tracks and rap in it, very famous names and names little heard of, some classic, modern, jazzy beats and g-funk flavour, some thoughts about meaning of life and show biz bitches...
So a whole bunch of hip-hop, which geography includes even once been exotic for rappers places like Japan.

by Rokas

check the comments for tracklist.
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  1. Soulistic  

    A Tape Called Mondayjazz Mix mixed by A Cat Called Fritz

    1. Welcome to the BEATS (Return of the BUDDHA BRAND (Instru) "BUDDHA BRAND" + Epilogue (Instru) "GEORGIA A. MULDROW" + Dopestyle "PBW")
    2. F&F daily "C THES ONE"
    3. Walk through the mind "KID SUNDANCE & DUDLEY PERKINS"
    4. J-Dillalude "SIMON S" (Stakes is high Rmx)
    5. Build "DIVERSE"
    6. Showbitchness "VERB T & HARRY LOVE"
    7. Decapitated orgasms "FIVE DEEZ"
    8. Liberation's Lullabye "TA'RAACH & THE LOVELUTION"
    9. Bania blues "Dr WHO DAT?"
    10. Galaxies (Instru) "MOUNTAIN BROTHERS"
    11. Moms "A TRIBE CALLED QUEST feat. SPANKY"
    12. Jazz cats (Instru) "QUASIMOTO"
    13. Blue avenue "JAZZ LIBERATORS"
    14. Transpoze "LOW SYSTEM EXPERIMENT"
    15. Mental Void "PRIMERIDIAN"
    16. Medina green giant (Instru) "MEDINA GREEN"
    17. (Japanese Title) "BUDDHA BRAND"
    18. Bebop "RZA & CHOCO"
    19. Ain't no mystery "NUJABES & L UNIVERSE"
    20. The blow "GROOVEMAN SPOT feat. CAPITOL A"
    21. Wicked INTERLUDE Party groove "SHOW & AG" + Night time groove (Instru) "MASS INFLUENCE" + Bahian B-Boy "DYNAMIC SYNCOPATION"
    22. Your love "OHMEGA WATTS feat. TIFFANY SIMPSON"
    23. Runaway "EMANON"
    24. Pete jazz's "PETE ROCK"
    25. Love's come "MOKA ONLY"
    26. Queen city "PIAKHAN

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