Apple Juice Break would like to present a highly skilled Mc that goes by the name Basicali!In the year of 09' Bascali realeased ' I Choose You EP'.which opend up my eyes may i say ears? Anyhow this is trurly real nice stuff. Be on the look out for more Bascali on upcoming projects actullay two with guest such as
Grouch, U-N-I, and Planet Asia.

Gio Basicali is an L.A. based solo independent hip-hop artist and former frontman of the live hip-hop band Homestyle. Bringing together an L.A. bounce with thought provoking lyrircs and a feel good vibe, Basicali is one of the freshest voices in the L.A. music scene.

Basicali first picked up his first mic as a youth minister in the churches of Los Angels and Orange County before finding a greater calling in music. While his days of ministry are long behind him he credits that experience for his ability to interact with a crowd and write lyrics that go beyond the bling. Basicali speaks from the heart as a positive voice of the everyday person dealing with issues such as life, growth, wack rappers, Sunday BBQ’s, relationships and personal reflection. When asked about his lyrics he shrugs and puts it simply.

“When I write I listen to the beat and the beat tells me what it wants.” For those looking for dope hip-hop music that is raw, personal, entertaining and fun, Gio Basicali provides it in high form.

<a href="">Choose You by Basicali</a>



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