We recently talked with the man, the beard, and the beat producer Rob Viktum, with classic free download beat tapes such as snack packs volume 1-3 and soon for and classic collaborative tracks with artist such as Brother Ali & Tanya Morgan his future is as bright as any.

Download Aight, New Drink here.

Man hows life been treating you?

Life has been very good. Everyday you wake up is a good day in this world LOL.

I know you've been crazy busy, you got new projects under way?

IM constantly working on beats, but most recently I have just completed and EP with Don Will from the group Tanya Morgan. Its something that im very proud of. I cant wait for people to hear it! it will be avail on Sept 1st at www.rappersiknow.com I also have just started a fully digital record label called Mega Royal, we are still working on all the details, but stay tuned for that!

So what happen on 9-9-08 (day you got robbed...and became Viktum)?

The actual date is 9/9/99 . I wont go into too much detail, but I was very very young, and was just not a good judge of character. An mc who i was producing broke into my studio, and took all my gear while I was at School. So I took the moniker "Rob Viktum" as my own personal Fuck You to them...


Man i was in Texas during Ike! i took off to Florida how did you deal with it?

It wasnt bad in Dallas where I live. come to think of it, I dont remember too much about it at all..LOL.

Does anyone have a better beard than you??

NO..LOL, im sure there is, someone always is better..thats life..

Tell us about beat fanatic.

Beat Fanatic is a crew of beat makers and producers across the states and UK. It was founded by Slop Funk Dust who is a HIGHLY slept on producer from Florida. Peace to Slop Funk...

The info red project was crazy nice you got anything coming up with him again?


How was it like working with the legendary Mr. Dibbs (atmosphere)?

Dibbs is pretty much my older brother. we are completely opposite in almost everything musically, but we are the closest of friends. I owe a lot to Dibbs.

When you heard bout Baatin were where you?

I was at home, working on a beat.

What are your memories of memories?

Memories are used to build on future endeavors.

How did you hook up with Jabee & Mac Lethal?

I've know Mac for years from going to Scribble Jam in cinci. I met Jabee even longer ago by doing shows in Oklahoma City. The song you are probably refering to is the joint on jabee's mixtape. Mac sent his verse over another beat, Jabee asked me to remix it, then jabee rappers on it, added some singers, and boom there you go..lol. interesting fact about that song, its the first time Mac and I have ever worked togather, even after knowing each other for all these years.


is a FRESH street wear clothing company out of Oklahoma City owned by my homie Ob 1 (who is a dope producer as well) .. peace to OB 1!!!!











/ Bam Circa 86


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