The swedish producer Erik L who previously dropped the record Different Phase with the duo 'Favorite Flava' based on him & Stray, Is now in the process of makin an instrumental album which from the start was meant to be an EP. He sent me some exlusive snippets from the upcomin Album which name is yet unkown. Erik L says:
What you can expect from the album is a futuristic sound with a lot of funk mixed with soul and a jazzy feeling. In this album Erik L didnt sample much & actually played almost all the instruments himself, with that said we can tell this is a really creative album! The album will drop soon in a near future so keep your eyes opend. For some more Erik L also look out for the collaboration album between him and Illingsworth called the 'Northen Connection' & the EP 'Kitty Kat Kaboodle' with the emcee Cerebral Vortex. Erik L got a lot of thing going on, expect an entrance on the sequal of the Beat Dimensions series ' Beat Dimensions 2' dropping this fall!

Electric Dreamland


The Spirit Of Soul

Acirfa (Eve's Dance)

Love Of Music


  1. illingsworth  

    pure dopeness

  2. Mattias  


  3. G-man  

    Sounds great!

  4. Friend  

    yo erik...we are waiting this EP...

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