Lets get to know; Juno Complex from Dallas. He born in late 80's. Juno spend many time making music, he has good ear for good sound. Juno teach Juno everything Juno know. He no like community college. Juno like old stuffs from 70s. He like psychedelics alot. Juno love to skate in streets. Juno do skating for fun. But if you like skating you can sponsor. Juno love old synths and cheap keyboards. Juno straight going hard in Oak Cliff, Dallas. Juno considered an asshole by other people. Juno bad habit leaving everything last second. Juno like his Miller High Life too much cold. He smoke only Djarum Blacks and grade A herbal trees. Juno is beast on Street Fighter (any on SNES, MVC2, CVS2 and much others), he will son you. Juno also always love vintage games blip blip blip! Juno like to dig for gold in cheap crates. Juno have old beats for sale, send Juno message for those beats. Juno need money. Juno need bio for people know him. Juno write it himself.

Juno Complex - Come Back Comet

Download Juno Complex - My Hoverboard EP


  1. don king  

    link to Edan's bio (which has been online for years)


  2. don king  


    in reference to the fact that this guy has liberally "borrowed" from Edan's bio - in fact he's ripped it off wholesale. Maybe his music is extraordinary but I'm less inclined to give it a chance if his 'creatively written' biography is actually plagiarised almost verbatim. Sort of suggests his music might also be similarly 'influenced'.

  3. tape_eater  

    If this track doesnt do him enough justice then make sure you listen to the rest of the gems.
    Texaaaas all the way!

  4. Nefarious! x TSD  

    this fools dope!!!

  5. Inko  

    this cat is ILL , if in hiphop u sample music then gotta be alrigth to sample bios too lol

    this is fire!!

  6. Anonymous  

    LOL okay? ive seen that bio in plenty of places. get over it fam.

  7. Cohoba  


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