'Beautiful Noise' is the first single and title track from Spank Pops' new Ep, "Beautiful Noise" buy it here now!

Ep info...:

San Francisco bred emcee Spank Pops & beatmaker Doctor J integrate for the rapper's latest project, the 7 track EP 'Beautiful Noise' (Hella Records). Doctor J's proficiency on the MPC provide the ideal backdrop for Spank's cadent lyricism ("I love a beat that's not for beginners", he declares on the bouncy/off-beat "Why I Do This"). The pair are joined by Spank's fellow Honor Roll crew members Trackademicks, Mike Baker the Bike Maker, Josie Stingray, and 1-O.A.K., all recognized Bay Area artists as well. If the golden age of hip-hop is where your heart resides, stay wise & do not miss this EP.

lyrics written by Spank Pops

<a href="http://spankpops.bandcamp.com/track/beautiful-noise-radio-edit">Beautiful Noise (radio edit) by Spank Pops</a>


  1. Dena Sticky Flower  

    i love the beat...a beautiful noise indeed. thanks!

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