AJB features Letherette, coming from uk and are some great minds that produces great beats. Previously we featured them in our latest mix 'Whats In That Juice VOL.4' in that bibio remix. Now lets get to know them abit more..

Story behind Letherette
Letherette started life in a dark lounge hidden from the normal crowds and untouched for years, playing over and over the music itself sounded more and more dusty as the years grew. Country girls dressed in gingham from the surrounding areas where drawn in by the music and came from miles around to dance, there love for the music grew so strong they wanted to take it home. This was against the biggest rule of the ‘Letherette Lounge’ and so they stole cassettes and hid them in there bloomers smuggling them out, only now has it started to leak.

Letherette - Montego(Fuzz)

Letherette - Ting Tang (Shorter)


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