Get familiar with Lambent the urban-instrumalist' based in Germany, he's upcomin album release date is set to 18th of September & here is bueno snippet of what to come! Do not sleep on this.

Release note from Projectmooncirle;“Smoothness Extract (Deep Night At Ishigaki)” is Lambent’s third full-length album, and his first on the Project Mooncircle label. Whilst his earlier work was rooted in Ambient and Electronic music, this record presents his sound in the context of Instrumental Hip Hop, with strong elements of Electronic music still present. You could group this record with the recent wave of Dilla inspired Hip Hop, but equally you could group it with Autechre when they’re at 90 BPM.
The record came about after Project Mooncircle heard some of Lambent’s tracks and feel in love with the calmer and smoother pieces of his often intense sound. Hence, Lambent compiled these seventeen extracts from the smoother side of his repertoire.
This album is made as his dedication towards a small Japanese island, “The Isle of Ishigaki”. Lambent is originally from Japan (although he has lived in Berlin for many years), but he has never visited this place… The album is the sound track to a summer time night trip around the Island, visiting the many different aspects of the scenery, nature, feelings, emotions, sights and sounds as Lambent imagines them.


Snippet of the upcoming Lambent album!

Download the snippet!


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