This is one funny creative thing. Have you ever seen a emcee makin samples using the guitar from Guitar Hero? Watch, P.SO & DJ Sosa as they show how to do it, well they don't give you all the secrets!

Word from P.CASSO
"P.SO the Earth Tone King (Formerly P.CASSO) makes a breakthrough in the world of Hip-Hop sampling! P.SO and fellow DJ SOSA NYC figured out a way to use the XBOX 360 Guitar Hero (c) Video Game controller to trigger Hip-Hop samples! Check it out as Sosa and P.SO chop up tracks like Michael Jackson's Beat It and Grindin by the Clipse! This is definitely next level!"


  1. Tasherre D'Enajetic  

    No disrepect to, but this is pointless. First of all he not actually using Guitar Hero, he using the controller as a midi controller. Second, I wish would waste my time setting up the GH controller with Bomme Midi Yoke or some other midi translator program, just to have 5 trigger pads. FOH!

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