Monday is always a good time for smarter hip-hop. So Mondayjazz mix No. 98 is in it's place and time. Creators of it C1GART & The Fatlips fills musical space with intelligent beats and rhymes abundantly.
Compilation involves great part of what alternative hip-hop has to offer. It's deep instrumentals of traditions formed by Madlib or J Dilla, lots of deep thinking or just fast spitting MC's. What can't be supplied with records is fulfilled by C1GART & The Fatlips own tracks. And having in mind that summer is reggae time, there is some sunny vibrations for the ending of the mix.


Play C1GART & The Fatlips 'Heavymentaldecay'!

Download C1GART & Fatlips Heavymentaldecay Mix


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