Every once in a while you bump into dope music, this is one of those moments The Perfect Median is a hip hop duo with the members; Grip H & Juan P. For their love of hip hop they create what they do the best MUSIC! Download their EP 48 hours
for free here, a preview of the song ' We Might Find' just down further in this post.

"People ask were I'm headed I say... to the hospital to make sure Hip Hop's okay..." The Perfect Median have showed that they are for Hip Hop. Not only are they artists themselves, but they are also fans of the music. Both emcees are fairly new to being recording artist, but they have immersed themselves into the music and the life of Hip Hop emcees. PM's music is for real people; touching every area of everyday reality. They incorporate a very soulful sound into their songs with messages that will inspire listeners. Both born in the 80's and growing up in homes where parents soaked their ears with soul music, Grip H and Juan P are here to re-create the soul they grew up to love.

The Perfect Median - We Might Find

Download The Perfect Median '48 Hours EP'


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