Know:Juander is a producer/emcee from Arkansas who just recently dropped a album called 'A Kid Love Beta' 10th july. With influences such as Murs, Slum Village & other great minds this 23 year old musician drop this fantastic stuff with a great flow & beats ! Last words, one of the best drop this year so far so don't sleep on this cat.

Get to Know:Juander

Twenty-three year old producer/emcee hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, puts his hand toward anything; he is just that. Born, John F. Pickens, Jr., emcee "know(juander)" is five years deep into this love he calls Hip Hop, but his knowledge of music easily spans four decades. Besides being an emcee and a poet at heart, there are also matters of the soul. Nothing about having the ear for samples or the knack for placing conceptual accounts of life over soulful drums and chopped samples can be taught in a classroom, still "know" describes himself as a student of the music. Starting into production after meeting beat maker Stutterin Stan at a Hawaii Beat Battle known as Beat Root, "know" began to ask the technical questions that created an avenue to translate the music in his head into soulful beats, and he has since been full steam ahead, gaining a knowledge of the music and artists he samples; showing a creativity to take everything from the most obscure record lost to the world, to neo-soul music by contemporary artists; creating the canvas for other artists to use as murals. After only eight short months, his skill in production is increasing and his catalogue of music has grown by several hundred records.

Aside being new to the beat-making aspect of production, he also has teamed up with emcee Grip H to form duo, The Perfect Median, which started with the two meeting in a parking lot on a military base in Hawaii. The duo has gained the respect of local artists and has also been noted to have one of the best live shows on the scene. After a string of songs recorded in what "know" refers to as the Genius Ape Studio, the two have completed a "mixtape" entitled 48 Hours, which was completely conceived over the short span of two days (minus "Nine to Five," added, but recorded the week before); hence the name, and are currently working on a debut LP scheduled to be released mid-'09.

Collaborations include song-writing and production for local vocalists Tolua and Living Proof, and production work for Well(Being) of NoMasterBacks, Rhyme the Old Man, Grip H, and other artists outside of the state of Hawaii. Future work will include tracks for K-Luv (Lost at Sea), Harumi (The Deadbeats), and other artists in the Southern California area and in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Know:Juander - Pause That Tape

Download A Kid Love, beta'


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