Katrah-Quey from New Orleans, Lousiana a real talented cat & a true upcomin producer. Get familiar with him & check out his project called 'Hearing the Earthtones After' which is based on Rashaan Ahmad's group Crown City Rockers, Remixes'. Available for a free download & stream here.

Word from Little-D label.

The youngest addition to our roster is also our most ambitious one. Meet Katrah-Quey: an upcoming producer from New Orleans, Lousiana. The son of a multi-instrumentalist that played in various New Orleans Jazz/Blues bands, Quey has always been around music. Being taught various instruments at a young age, Quey and family moved to the Twin Cities Area in Minnesota in 94' Where video-games took the interest from his mind instead of music. Hip-hop resparked his interest a few years later however as the sounds of Company Flow, Quasimoto/Madlib, Da Grassroots, Blackalicious and others influenced him to start producing beats.

The ambitous part you say? His work-ethic and craftmanship is of such a high level at a young age that it drops the jaw. With many releases on various labels (P-Vine Japan, Dust Shop, Insides), working under different aliases for other labels that release his work, making dj sets... and all of this within the years 2005-2007. This unprecedent outburst of high quality creative output, made JLS think about releasing a RE-mixtape series together called "Solidary And Selections" for LD. After the successful start of the series with part 1 and working on part 2, the website server simply crashed with the online release of a promo EP of the project called "S+S0". Quey seems to take his influences and mold them to ingenious and melodic beats at will, and with his mindset we will be hearing a lot of him in the near future...


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