It's monday! The beginnin of the week, which also means it's time for another
Monday Jazz Session! Check out this week's with Dj Lovespook! Visit for more sessions!

Jazz lover and vocalist Egle - Dj Lovespook awards us with music from the heart, no doubt. She is one of these persons that relates to Mondayjazz not only with colleague business but also with friendship ties. Simply there is a circle of people who are not in Mondayjazz, but who are/were around and directly or indirectly have influenced the project.
While listening to the compilation called Hela Hena you won't miss that vocal is important for the author, maybe even of the same importance as jazz itself. Generally, it is a soul compilation uniting vocal jazz & gospel from the golden past and again beautiful vocal nu jazz & folk from the present times.
Is there a need for further talking about the mood & spirit of the compilation, when music spins around soul? Yes, because besides notes that captures soul & heart, you can hear intelligently hidden, but true rebellion and spree.
So, no synthetic beats or space electronics for this time, but true and eternal things from Egle - Dj Lovespook.


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Check comments for tracklist!


  1. Soulistic  

    Hela Hena mixed by Dj Lovespook

    1. Quincy Jones – What can I do?
    2. Donny Hathaway – Voices Inside
    3. Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson – Essex
    4. Jon Lucien – A Prayer for Peace
    5. Paul Johnson – Every Kinda People
    6. Marvin Gaye – What’s going on
    7. Marcus Carl Franklin – When the ships comes in
    8. Zero 7 – Today
    9. 4 Hero – The Awakening
    10. Troublemakers – Get Misunderstood
    11. Mocky – Fighting Away the Tears (featuring Feist)
    12. Nina Simone – Good Bait

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