It's been a minute since we last gave you something nice to lisent to. But you know the saying; the one who waits..... ? Well anyways Apple Juice Break present you this swedish vocalist named Rahel, who delivers a soulful and a wonderful journey - through her beautiful music and the warmth of her vocals she's truely one of the ones to look out for. Rahel gave me this song called "Beautiful" and as I lisent through it I couldn't say anything else than this is one track that lives up to it's name. AJB are currently working on a GAS'D project with the theme of Love, Rahel are one of the artist that will guest on this wonderful record..

"Born in south of Sweden, from a rather global family since I nowadays have family in Germany, Atlanta, Eritrea, Denver and Great Britain aswell as in Sweden. Started writing lyrics and poetry when I was 15. I recorded with the label Trisis Records first in the fall of 2006. But we hade our differences, so I couldn't stay with them. Still have love for them though. :) I study culture, love music and food, play capoeira.. Music is my way of reflecting over things in life, good or bad"

AJB Present: Rahel - Beautiful by applejuicebreak


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