First of AJB would like to say happy bday Kissey! And second hope your album progess is doin just fine, lookin really forward to it! Peep out this little song she is giving out just to celebrate it's her birthday.

Message from Kissey:

Today, as last year, it's my birthday. woho!

... I asked you online (my blog and twitter) if we should do the free giveaway-birthday gift today too. Since almost all of you answered yes (there was one person who decided to say no ...but this was due to go against the peer-pressure) .

As many of you know I'm currently working on my new baby, it's going slowly, but surly... hm... somewhere. Since my head is so occupied in it all, it's been hard to just bake some new songs for this on top of that... so I decided to open the door and share with you a studio-demo of a song I'm currently writing on a song called 'Rise Up/Oxygen Skyer'. I'm having this crazy obsession with 'hero'-songs..and..well....ok enough crap talk...

<a href="">rise up (oxygen skyer) demo by Kissey Asplund</a>


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