The california rap-group Late Bloomers is back with their new upcomin EP droppin soon & AJB will of course provide you with some exclusive joints from it, here are 2 song of the EP called 'Growth Series 2' which is a follower of the first serie! Late Bloomers is hip hop at its best! This is fresh and they hit the right vibes to our eardrums. Peep our previous feature of Late Bloomers to get a grab on the first EP for free! Also peep out their last EP called Trifecta here!

Info about Late Bloomers for the once who don't know:
"Late Bloomers is a rap group out of Pomona California with the 3 members; Azel, Nonstop & Dj Giant Squid. On the mic we have Azel and Nonstop, also Azel and Dj Giant Squid do the beats. They formed this group back in the beginnin of this year, before that Azel and Squid were in a group called 'The Lower Intestines'."

Late Bloomers - Talkin' Talkin'

Late Bloomers - Wops Bounce


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