'Influenced by Soul music ,they bring that good feeling you get when you listen to soul to hip hop

Late Bloomers is a rap group out of Pomona California with the 3 members; Azel, Nonstop & Dj Giant Squid. On the mic we have Azel and Nonstop, also Azel and Dj Giant Squid do the beats. They formed this group back in the beginnin of this year, before that Azel and Squid were in a group called 'The Lower Intestines'. Late Bloomers just finished their first EP called 'The Growth Series' which is available for a free download!

Right now they are working on their next project called,Tomorrow Tape. Also we can except an EP soon with solo stuff, beats and more.

Late Bloomers - The Giver

Late Bloomers - The Miracle Remix

Late Bloomers - Small Talk


  1. Anonymous  

    these guys are fresher than a glass of lemonade on a summer day

  2. Anonymous  

    Dope shit!! Never heard of em before

  3. Anonymous  

    Dope! Never heard of em before

  4. Anonymous  

    this is so hot, thx for posting this, btw can someone upload a mp3 format link?

  5. Anonymous  

    this is dope, can i get a mp3 link for this, thx!!

  6. Soulistic  

    For all of you that want mp3 links! There are already links in the post just right click the song name and save it.

  7. Anonymous  

    thx man, big luv!

  8. Anonymous  

    can i get the mp3 link of their free ep the growth series #1 plz? i downloaded it everywhere but they're all m4a album, then i tryna change it into mp3 but the software made the quality lower, shit really pissed me off *smh*

  9. BL  

    what's your email?

  10. Anonymous  


    and thank u man, like, really appreciate it homie. finally i can get a chance to listen to it

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