Via Okayplayer:
After the horrible tragedy her family sustained in 2008, it's good to see Corrine Bailey Rae is still making music, and hopefully is in better spirits now. The grammy award winning UK songstress will be releasing her next album, The Sea, on January 26th via EMI's Capitol Records. Here we have the video for the lead single "I'd Do It All Again." Video director, Jamie Thraves, had this to say of the clip: "Corinne and I met just as I was formulating the idea. She told me she was fan of my work, said she thought it was very real looking, cinematic and quite dark and that's what she wanted for her video, nothing too sunny she said. I looked at her other videos and realized just how sunny they were and why she wanted to do something different for this song but on the day we filmed it was such a lovely sunny day - I told Corinne the sun just seems to follow her around, but it's okay because in sad moments the sun can underline sadness just as easily as rain."


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