YYY says:Welcome to Friday everyone. We made it another week and I believe we probably all deserve a little something to help us relax and unwind. Luckily I have just the thing. Light Of Day by Jesse Futerman. I’m labeling it a podcast but don’t get it twisted this thing is an ALBUM. You might remember his music from the last podcast we dropped from Ben (A.K.A. Jack High) a few days back.

Hailing from Toronto Jesse Futerman is only 18 years old. His music would suggest otherwise as its patience and calmness stinks of a person twice his age. We should keep an eye on him for sure. He’s going to be dangerous.

We have been working for about a year to bring this album to you and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed the process of getting everything just right.

Grab the ALBUM HERE.


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