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Note from BoomKat:Fresh from a split face-off with Illum Sphere and a high ranking inclusion on the Beat Dimensions 2 comp, Californian Mono/Poly seals the deal as one of the heaviest around with the 'George Machine EP' for Rush Hour. The man comes on strong with three tracks warping wonky, hiphop, electronica and dubstep to his will, starting with the squashed crunch of 'Beatles Bitch', followed by the excellent 'MS-14' sounding like Kaman Leung in a tussle with Dorian Concept, forcing masses of dubstep bass under hi-tech slo-mo hip-hop rhythms. The title track and centrepiece of this 12" takes over the B-side, revealing a mid-tempo dancefloor killer packed with smart-ass drum breaks twisted into something very fresh and unfurling crazy electronica synth sequences for the more cosmically minded cats out thurr. A must have for fans of Flying Lotus, Ras G, Dorian Concept, or Fulgeance! Sick.




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