In this mondayjazz mix, we will hear tunes from swedish producer Erik L to B.Bravo ,Fatima ,Flying Lotus & many more. This MondayJazz is mixed by the one and only music lover Paul Pre.

After some break we find beats mix in Mondayjazz broadcast again. This time it's interpretations on summer theme by german Paul Pre.
In this compilation named after a July month it's author living by the seaside in the city of Kiel brings some what of a ending seasons review. So moods are as they can be expected. More orientation towards sunny, dreamy side of the beats music. Feels like you are sitting in the boat on the warm evening watching a sunset. In the field of tracklist seems that everything is as usual - lots of almost "must be" names for a mix like this, but listening to this mix there is less urge to dig the names or feel a theme of compilation intelectually, but more just to go with it's melancholic flow.


Tracklist in comment section.

Download it here.

MondayJazz mix with Paul Pre!


  1. Soulistic  

    01. Erik L - Never Fall in Love
    02. Fatima - Do i know you? feat. Cohen, Cuthead & Dorian Concept
    03. Reggie B - Belief
    04. CHIEf - AMIGA_500.1.6
    05. Sir OJ - Lazy Chase
    06. Elaquent - Graffiti High
    07. Unknown
    08. Harrison Blakoldman - Bionik Love
    09. Unknown
    10. Flying Lotus - Heat Wave 2
    11. Yoggyone - Preparation
    12. Stevo - untitled968
    13. Hi-res - He'lyin
    14. Harmonic 313 - No Way Out
    15. Duktus - Love Dat
    16. Griffi - Belleza Interior
    17. fLako - Free Radicals
    18. Samiyam - Blam
    19. Super Smoky Soul - Geek Beat
    20. Karriem Riggins - 12's In 8
    21. Dorian Concept - The Marshmellow Secret
    22. Afta-1 - Tiden Flyver remix
    23. Pursuit Grooves - Spaces like this
    24. Flying Lotus - Gumdrop
    25. fLako - Untitled2
    26. B. Bravo - Computa Love

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