This week Apple Juice Break sits and chats with pasadena California's very own VERSIS, if you haven't heard this up and coming emcee's music you have missed out a great deal. With a unique baritone voice and non monotone style, VERSIS is sure to shake up things in the music scene. The plan scrap his brain to better understand this young talented artist with such a bright future...Let us see how we did!

Whats good man how is life treating you out here in beautiful California?

Cali's got its ways of showing you the ropes; I'd say it's treating me with a bit of 'tough love'...don't mind it though.

[you a'int never lied bout that]

Pasadena is your hometown? Do you feel the influence of the city?

No, but I've been here since my Freshman year (high school)I've moved around a bit, but for the most part, I've either lived in Inglewood, or the Crenshaw/West Adams area.

Are there any other local talents that you admire or would like to work with?

I've said this a few times, but I'll reiterate: Blu!

[blu doesn't get shown as much love as he should]

Other than local anyone in general you would like to work with?

Of course...Elzhi & Black Milk.

So I see you just graduated from high-school! Man congrats hows life after high school?

Life's like a barefoot walk down a dark hallway riddled with glass-shards.Sometimes you get lucky & take the right steps avoiding 'em.

[ha, laugh]

Did you pull a prank?

Haha nah, my classmates did, though...kinda lame: "let's shred paper, sprinkle it everywhere & wet it!"

[Ha...I would say mines but they would probably track me down!]


A younger classmate & a teacher(Dj Foci) made this happen. I was a founding member.We'd meet-up, have discussions, & plot our next moves all during lunchtime.Back then I was seldom writing, but I was producing, so I'd bring my latest beats to school to show Foci, & a few others. Btw, that video with me backstage at the House of Blues features one of my old beats.

That is very dope. So if you don't mind me asking...How old are you?

I'm 18 goin' on 40; I worry. haha

[ aint said nothing wait till you start losing track of the years]

Who influenced you the most?

I'd have to give-it up to my relative in Orange County that put me on to GOOD music way back in 2nd or 3rd grade...had me staying up my bedtime watching 'Def Poetry Jam'

So "ILLCONDESCENT" is the name of your first c.d.! hows is that coming along?

It's slowly coming along; we're talking baby steps. I'm hoping to make a few things happen between now & next year that'll allow me to feature some notable producers/emcees. We'll see how that pans-out.

Is being a self promoter hard??

Yes, & no. It's only hard when you're not sure HOW to make your approach. I usually go for the "put it right in front of 'em" approach as opposed to the "YO! LISTEN TO MY MUSIC, I'm 18, & from CALI!" that I as an artist get from time to time from others.

[thats a good way of doing it]

Synergy fully produced by Lucid how did that come along? are you two good friends?

That went pretty well considering the lack of 'know how' Yeah, man...known dude since elementary school.

I see you got a couple songs from Full Crate...more to come right??

There should be. One of these days, if time, money, & divinity would allow it, I'm gonna make a visit to Amsterdam.

[pause...I will be there too, ha]

Its crazy cause there are a couple new fresh young mc's/producers out there that are legitimate talents, such as Nero, Casey Veggie, Know:Juander, Hoodie Allen and well...YOU(Versis) what do you feel the 90's baby bring different to the table?

I'd say we've got the hunger/integrity that's missing from the scene.

What do you feel about the current state of hip hop/music? Do you feel like many other do.... Has hip hop become just as commercial as commercial music? Has the boom-bap mc become a gimmick?

The boom bap sound has been used as a gimmick, but it's usually obvious, so it doesn't bug me much. I just shake my head.

Well, I have racked your brain of last one....
Any other place in the world you would rather be than California?

Yes, Wanna see Europe. They seem to appreciate Hip Hop & music in general a lot more than here in the US

[I second that factual statement...]

- Bam Circa 86


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