Just recently we gave you 'The Breakers Mixtape', one of those tracks called 'How Long' is made by a cat called, Chewy Benson. Lets digg deeper.

Chewy Benson was born under the red light of Blackburn's Thwaites brewery. His formative years were spent in the pursuit of the corect use of the English language. Dictionary's are his faviroute and most important muse. In the 30's he played with the great Jack Hylton as a percussionist and sometime tailor. His love of jazz music flourished with a stint backing Sinatra wannabes in working men's clubs all over the north west. He is presently working on a cure for donk and expects to have rid the country of this scourge in the near future.

Chewy Benson 'No Shelter' (Original Mix) of 'Asleep In The Hills' album

Buy his album 'Asleep In The Hills'


  1. Anonymous  

    Chewy Benson has told me that his new stuff will be a collaboration with non genetic a rapper from the shadow huntaz. Ace ace beats. Buy the LP from I-tunes or u-cover mailorder. Tie fly the future of beat smithery.

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