This is an amazing mixtape by 'Sven Swift' - Breakers Mixtape also comes with this sick artwork made by 96.

Release Note:
“This is a mixtape summing up what popped up in my ears during the last six months. Raw experimental Hip Hop, electronic textures, unheard German Rap, all in a spendid mix. Most of it available for free. You can find loads of rare and unreleased Error Broadcast material, including cats AEED, The Great Mundane, Comfort Fit, Lambent, Chewy Benson and Benny B. Blonco.”

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  1. Soulistic  

    .01 AEED Coccospace *

    .02 The Great Mundane We are the Magicians (Demo) *

    .03 Comfort Fit Sneeze at You via

    .04 Architeq Sleeping Bear (TAKE Remix) *

    .05 AEED Error Code *

    .06 Phat Kat Nightmare (Dorian Concept Remix) via

    .07 Pils Daddy Suff Shit via

    .08 Sichtbeton Platz und Kraft *

    .09 Slomo + Lunte Anne & Thomas *

    .10 Fabian Dellefant Games via

    .11 Daniel Maze Steampunk via

    .12 Caural SugarCaneGirlfriend via

    .13 Chewy Benson How Long *

    .14 Lambent Toss the Coin *

    .15 Benny B. Blonco Sweet Milk via

    .16 V.Mann + Serch Viel Gehört, Viel Gesehen via

    .17 Gringo Starr fcaxlf (Glander Remix) via

    .18 Dimlite The Kids Will Understand via

    .19 fLako Footprints via

    .20 1000names 80's Debut via **

    .21 Fulgeance Absolute Beta via

    .22 Juno Complex Dirty Chip Stack$ via

    .23 ichiro Mori *

    .24 Akira Kiteshi Albino Egg via

    .25 .at/on Products Of Passed Days via

    .26 Zavoloka Nathnennia via

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