T.Hemingway have been mentioned several times here on AJB, and was featured on our previous project with Jus Like Music :Oscillations, also down on our latest upcoming project (coming soon!). You might remember him as EC|DC but yes its absolutly the same guy and the same dope music. T.Hemingway delievers a quite unique sound, you know that its him, like when you just know when you hear a Dilla beat.

Anyways T.Hemingway drops dope productions pretty much almost daily on his soundcloud site so you should really check out more of his music over there to get ur own doze of T.Hemingway.

Today he dropped a free song which ft. vocals by Kenna and its named "Kenna Interlude" which really give you a sight on how a T.Heminway production sounds like. We caught a big liking on this track first time we pressed play so enjoy this featured track on AJB.

T.HMWY: "My engineer suggested that i turn this into a interlude. so, here it is...(free download too)..."

Kenna Interlude by T.Hemingway


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