14KT says:Happy Golden October ya'll! First of all, I appreciate everyone who has been supporting the artists of A-Side Worldwide and myself since day one! With October being my birthday month/anniversary month of my debut album, I wanted to give ya'll a gift!

I want to share with you my first ever video of "The Inside" off the album, "The Golden Hour."
I wanted to do a video for "The Inside," because everyone I speak to, that's their favorite song off the project and to me it’s like the summary song of the whole album. The video is simple, displaying me kind of becoming the instruments/vocals that you hear in the song and giving ya'll a feel of how I actually look when I'm in a room by myself creating music. If you thought patting your belly and rubbing your head at the same time was hard, try this video. Haha! Enjoy ya'll!


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