Amelia from one of my favorite blogs, Put Me On It, Sent me this album called "THRUM" by the songwriter/Singer Tanya Auclair from London town, which is presented exclusevly by Put Me On It and just dropped 20th July. It has a quite unique experimentall sound and I wanted to share it with you!

Info:Thrum is the 1st solo outing of the lo-fi adventures of London singer-songwriter Tanya Auclair. Her warm intimate sound is a beguiling mix of playful DIY drums, layers of voice, intricate uke and guitar melodies and touches of electronica. Citing influences as wide-ranging as Fats Waller, Fever Ray, Matthew Herbert, Juana Molina and E.S.G, her open instinctive approach shows in the territory she covers from the 60s doowop of 'Plane Trails', the delicate folk of 'Tight Little Fingers', to the feverish 'Bongo Joe' drums of 'Closer' and oscillating synths of ballad 'Thrum'. All shot through with crafty hooks and her distinctive unadorned voice.

<a href="">Closer by Tanya Auclair</a>


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