Zo's! LP entitled Sunstorm drop in 27th july and the lineup just seems great there will be features such as; Phonte, Eric Roberson, Darien Brockington,Jesse Boykins III, Sy Smith and many more! For being a huge fan of Zo! and all his previous work all I know is that I just can't wait to hear this record. Check out the track "Greatest Weapon Of All Time" ft. Sy Smith and u'll get amazed!

Zo! Message:
"Well y'all, the six-week plan is now officially underway. Here is first sample of the album that you all have heard me talk so much about. Sy came through and did her THING... I am this close to posting the story behind how this joint came about, but I'll save it.... Not unless y'all want to read it. Anyway, enjoy this one and thank you for listening."

Zo! - "Greatest Weapon Of All Time" ft. Sy Smith


  1. Jamal  

    Uhh, yeah bruh, I would love to hear the story behind this. I'm a huge fan of FE and been following you for a minute. Can't wait for this album to drop, one of my most anticipated joints along with the Foreign Exchange joint!

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