AJB got this upcoming release from AEEDs' called "Error Code", it truely has some heavy sounds innit and you should really check it out, we featured two of our tracks on this upcomin record. Perfect Lighting ft. Railster & Moussaka (feat. Morpheground).

Can you imagine the sound of your NES descending a staircase?
“Error Code” it the long-awaited sequel to AEEDs’ stand-out debut “Synesthesia” released
with Error Broadcast in 2009*. The Swiss-based producer refines his trademark style of 8bitinfluecend electric boogie and teamed up with three of Italys’ hottest beat fanatics. “Error
Code” includes cooperation with Railster and Morpheground, as well as a funk offence on
“Moussaka” by AD Bourke. Infamous MPC wizard fLako and Tokyo Dawns’ Portformat
contribute remixes, as well as our own Pixelord and ichiro_.

Perfect Flashing (feat. Railster)

Moussaka (feat. Morpheground)


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