AJB is really amazed by this producer named B.Lewis ever since the "Talking Chairs" album we been wondering what's next, and here it is called "Mercury Backburner" which is a totally free download brought to you by Moovmnt so much respect to them to gettin this dopeness out!

Young Californian B.Lewis drops his "Mercury Backburner" beat tape today as a FREE download. The good people from MOOVMNT decided to lend upcoming artists a helping hand, by endorsing certain releases and other music related projects. So enjoy the 1st 'endorsed by Moovmnt' release.

Download - "Mercury Backburner"


  1. Anonymous  

    this shit is nuts...is it out on vinyl anywheres?

  2. nilez01  

    It's a FREE release so not available on vinyl. Hopefully some indie label will pick up on mr. Lewis and who knows in a year he might have a release on vinyl out.

    Thnx for the support and 1luv!

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