In October of last year, Paten Locke released his album titled "Super Ramen Rocketship" Tres Records are getting ready to release the second single, "Ventilation," in June, so in anticipation for the 12-inch, the Official "Ventilation"

Paten Locke, in his own word about his album "Super Ramen Rockership"
"wadaaap yall so, here is my first official video...shot in LA, last year...
this is also my second single, from my debut lp, SUPER RAMEN ROCKETSHIP.
the song is called Ventilation...and its really just a track that i did that is all about breathing a certain feel of hiphop that im into...bringin it back to that raw shit...which is why there is alot of reverse ish goin on...
i did the beat, cuts and rime (just like the rest of the lp) ...big up to chikaramanga, jerome d, and sei and kaz who put this together ...
i hope yall dig it, more to come, im just gettin started..."


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