A fresh dope project coming out on MPM with a little collab with the UpMyAlley fam,Hubert Daviz lays down some dope beats in a perfect chill mode to put your relaxation on max, peep out this upcomin record which will be released 28th May!

"Proceduri De Rutina" is a mini-album soley made of Romanian jazz records.
The project started as a just-for-fun-beattape, after Hubert got hooked on
the vintage jazz of his home country in late 2009. Call it magic, but the
sample sources and Hubert's very own trademark sound fitted so well that
the new music cried for a release. "Proceduri De Rutina" is a deep but
chilled trip into Hubert Daviz's beat cosmos, inspired by some of the most
obscure Eastern-European jazz you have never heard of. Enjoy!
Limited vinyl pressing. 500 copies!!

Hubert Daviz was born in 1981 near Timisoara, Romania. At the age of
5 he moved to Germany where he caught the hip-hop bug as a teenager.
Today he lives in Cologne where he started making beats in 2004.
Hubert is part of the UpMyAlley family since 2007 and appeared on
both Beatnicks volumes. He has also produced tracks for Cologne's
premier rap outfit Huss & Hodn (Entourage) and London-based
songstress Shuanise (Eglo).

<a href="http://hubertdaviz.bandcamp.com/album/proceduri-de-rutina-2">cuvant introductiv by Hubert Daviz</a>


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